Flip the Script ….

Well it has been a very productive week, lots of positive events are taking place, within my life to move my career forward in a positive way.


There was only one event in my working week which although I could think of it as a positive experience, it actually felt as if it had created a negative reaction about me.


Those that know me and my work, will know that I am always in my salon very early each morning. I always arrive at least thirty minutes before my first appointment. I have always thought that it would be completely rude for a client to be stood outside waiting for me to arrive. I have never done this in my 24 years in business.



So at the start of my week I was busy working in the salon as usual with one of my early morning clients. If you do not know me, it might surprise you to know that whilst I am in my hairdressing mode, I am completely in he moment with my client, I just love and enjoy creating beautiful hair that I focus all my attention on my client at the time.



So when it  got to just before my 8.00 am client was due to leave the salon, I suddenly realised my salon phone had not wrung?  I checked and was shocked to see that I must have accidentally pulled the phone line out. As you can imagine, I must have missed some calls. But fortunately, I had lots messages on my mobile phone for appointments, my clients realise that I can answer all their messages this way at the start and end of my working day.


I will be truthfully honest, finding the phone line had not been working, did not really cause me to think any negative thoughts.  Ironically that was not the reaction of everyone else. As the phone was not active l had lots of messages as a result of clients not being able to get hold of me, and all were on the negative spectrum.


Mel are you ok?


I thought something must have  happened to you


I thought you must have been unwell


So this is when my strong belief in the  Law of attraction comes to the fore and helps me in a positive way.

I simply thought


Flip the scripts Mel!



I am actually very well, and felt that I should be  thankful and appreciative for my continuous good health. These negative concerns about me that morning, rather than them affect me negatively. I just turned hem into a positives and for that I am very grateful,



The mind is so incredibly powerful and I think over the years of training and learning I now feel strongly that I am able to help keep feeding it with positive thoughts.  Years ago I would have probably reacted in completely different way. I would have thought, Mel Johnson who has only actually had one day off due to sickness in a total of  24 years in business


It might have been better if clients had thought to themselves, as I was clearly not answering the salon phone, perhaps they should have realised that I was probably not in a position to answer the call and it had nothing to do with me personally, in a negative way. It would have been great if they had also thought I will just check she is OK and give her a quick text, or phone her later. (Rather than bombard me with negative questions)


So my week ended in such a positive way for me.  I flipped the script from negative to the positive. and I really hope that you understand that if we all think positive thoughts it’s like a magnet of miracles.


Keep smiling, I will keep sharing my world with you .


Love and light,    Mel Johnson XX