What a fabulous success story – No animal testing for 40 years

Last week saw me have a very busy week behind the chair. But over the weekend before starting a new week I  just felt I needed to sit down and write. I feel so proud to be supporting and working with the Paul Mitchell  brand, as they have been at the forefront of using products that are free from animal testing. This is a subject that’s close to my heart, I always have wondered why do animals need to be used for testing?

What an amazing achievement a family owned brand this year, 2020 John Paul Mitchell Systems is celebrating 40 years of their products. But the ultimate success is the determination their products were never going to be tested on animals.


John Paul Dejoria and Paul Mitchell made a strong stand, at the time when it was almost unheard of. Their strong beliefs allowed them to  stand up against animal testing. They went on to make their company the very first professional beauty company to not test on animals.



Forty years on the ethos of the brand is still the driving force to care for the planet and all its creations. This is John Paul Mitchell System’s way of giving back  for success behind the brand.


no animal testing  Paul Mitchell Color was launched 20 years ago and completely vegan. The company has never tested their colours on animals and never will.

I know a lot of you will understand that  I am  highly sensitive to any form of cruelty to animals. I will not have any products in my salon that have been tested on animals.

After work today I have been feeling a lot of gratitude that being a pescatarian that I can  work in my own salon where I am in control of making sure that  no products we use  are tested on animals.

I am just wondering how do other hairdressers work with a brand that’s tested on animals but they say that they are against this. How can a person sit in a salon and have products applied to their hair, which we know have been tested on animals. I really didn’t realise just how strongly I felt about this.

I know I have a lot of clients that feel the same way as I do. Quite a few of my clients travel to our salon because we are a Paul Mitchell signature salon. We live by the ethos behind John Paul Mitchell Systems. Hand on heart I could not work with products or use them myself that have been tested on animals.

I am so excited about The Color Retail is updating the e-commerce retail shop. Selling all Paul Mitchell hair care products. So all you animal lovers, vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians can confidently buy your hair care products.


You will be purchasing your products from Richard who is a hairdresser for 30 years and also worked with Paul Mitchell products for over 20 years.  Rest assured that The Color Retail just like the salon will not stock or sell anything that is tested on animals. Richard never has and  he never will.


We are both very excited to be part of the 2020 global gathering and John Paul Mitchell systems 40 year celebrations in Las Vegas. This will be the company’s largest celebration to-date Well they certainly have a lot to celebrate.  I will writing more about this in my future blogs  so keep reading and set up your feed or set alerts,  to ensure you do not miss anything


Love and light to all Mother Earths creations.
Mel Johnson xx