The Color of LIFE

It is  coming towards the end of January 2020, and I have been back behind the chair for three weeks now. I really have had the busiest start to the year, at times it has been incredibly challenging to keep a calm and peaceful mind.


I strongly feel with the energy of the full moon and  2020 being the new decade. I personally feel a sense that there are energies which are creating havoc with peoples’ mental, physical and emotional well-being


I know that every year people try to make positive New Year resolutions, then sometimes as early as the middle of February, often due to lack of self-discipline, the  majority will have returned to their old negative patterns within their life journeys. I do feel that this year may well see  individuals’ self-will being affected and that the negative elements may well be even stronger this year.


I know the last two weeks have made me more excited, about how I am going to create my vision. I want to celebrate my twenty year journey of remaining behind the chair, mentally, physically, emotionally positive.  Within my heart I already feel that I have achieved positively everything I wanted to achieve. I strongly feel that once I have reached and conquered the next stage of my own journey, that I may well feel able to make the  decision to retire from the chair. But ONLY when the time is right!

I have been reflecting back this last few months, thinking deeply to myself about just how many hundreds of people I have helped on my own personal journey, It is quite amazing really. I feel so blessed and so eternally grateful to be able to say at fifty, I am mentally, physically and emotionally very strong. Hand on heart, I can absolutely say I love my work and my journey of life.


What I can say to you to help you understand that my twenty year journey is real and authentic. It has certainly and most definitely not been created in the digital world, just so that I can write a blog about it. I don’t know about you? But I do feel I am seeing more and more of this type of thing where a false person sets about creating a false world, then tries to get as many sheep (people)  to follow them .


I do feel this last few weeks my intuition is guiding me strongly and I am positively going with this guidance. I feel I need to carry on with my incredible journey, and as a result I will bring more Yoga, meditation, mindfulness,  etc into my life.


I know you will have all read, how I feel each year that goes by, that  have to step-up looking after myself as I am getting older, which is one of the things I try to encourage lots of my clients to thin about. When we love and take care of ourselves we show no resentment to others. We are then also much stronger emotionally, mentally and physically in order to cope with life’s challenges and the obstacles that sometimes get in our way.

So I will bring into my workplace all the things I believe in, I will be trying to express  and share my thoughts and beliefs in a positive way. It will be


my way of giving back.


I will also be building even more on the strong ethos that John Paul Mitchell Systems promote and believe in.  Healthy hair, healthy mind  and a healthy body is my ultimate golden key to opening your door to positive life.


I feel I have that golden key and so this next decade of my working life, will be spent (so my  intuition tells me) somehow I will be helping millions of others find their golden key.

The Color of LIFE …………………..2030  


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx