Mel Johnson says “I changed at the age of 31” so you can do it too!

I remember that it was the day after my 31st birthday I decided to try to do something that I had always to wanted to have a go at, kick boxing! So I managed to find a class and went along and joined! Little did I know, but this was me starting my 20 year journey of discovery and my fascination in everything related to the human mind.  Believe me, at the start of all of this I would never have dreamed that I was would be involved in martial arts, in my head it was more like me wanting to join a specific type of exercise class. But I can honestly say that after six incredible years, I had learnt that you can teach your body to be become strong physically and importantly you can teach your mind to be mentally strong. I left my journey into martial arts with a black belt. How amazing was that?

Mel Johnson with her Black belt


I also learnt and understood the life-long principles that  come with achieving a black belt, and these principles have stayed with me to this day.



I saw literally hundreds of other students start their journey, but only a few managed to finish. At the time, it might surprise you to know, I was the oldest female to have achieved a black belt, in all the master instructors’ Schools of Martial Arts .  



I will always remember the feeling within my mind, the year before my exam,  although I felt physically ready for it, I knew I needed to prepare my mind to be stronger than ever before, in order to conquer this ultimate challenge. I read so many books on how to focus my mind, but there was one book in particular that I remember reading. I feel now this was the start of my belief in laws of attraction, the book was about unlucky people and lucky people.



What did I learn from the book to help me become a black belt? Well to me, lucky people still have knock-backs on their journey, but they take the positive lessons, learning from these situations and that they don’t quit. Lucky people make positive things happen because they see clear visions and are not distracted by the negative. Lucky people are open to learning,  listening in order to become the best possible version of themselves. They love sharing their knowledge and wisdom to create more lucky people. Lucky people approach challenges in positive, productive way. They are inventors creators of this world.

But what did I learn about unlucky people, as you can imagine, it is almost directly the opposite to everything that works for lucky people. So I set myself the target of becoming a lucky person and I would achieve my black belt. With this positive mindset, courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control, I did actually achieve the challenge which I had set myself.


Over the years whilst working behind the chair, I see how people are creators of their own pathways whether good or bad luck. I feel it’s what they put out to the universe that counts. So a person who only has luck in business and has no luck in health, has presumably created that physical problem. Probably this issue was created by their mindset being focused purely on success in business and what then they can buy in material possessions. This scenario brings them bad luck in their health and well-being. There has been no mental vision created for the good luck of health and well-being, worse still there has been no time as been invested in creating this. I believe we are own creators of healthy mind body and soul .


So yes yet again, I am sure some of you that are on that journey will think Mel you are like a stuck record!!!  What are you on about? But just maybe, it will get some of you thinking maybe Mel is right. Please remember one thing, and that is when I write or speak I am real and I have been there and worn the tee-shirt.  But I have realised good luck in life is about a balance and taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. Always positively putting out to the universe. So I will look after my mind, body and soul. I strongly believe the most successful people on this planet, are the people who have inner contentment, Inner happiness, feel full-filled  in their balanced positive life at the end of their journey.


Sometimes while working behind the chair,people think I am a miracle worker. They want the best hair but they blame me if it is not been that particular month. They never question their own health and well-being, Just something I have done in their two-hour visit to my salon.


So this has made me want to look at hair on a deeper level and people’s health and well-being. I see a vision of creating a sanctuary for healthy hair, mind and body. I will make that positive difference helping people and hairdressers world-wide. I now know I was given this journey so I can positively help others .


Love and light Mel Johnson xx