Mel Johnson asks, what has my 20 year journey been about?

In my next few blog posts, I will be writing and sharing with you all about my 20 year journey  and my sheer determination to achieve something different in my career. When I was about 30 years old, I started to understand my fears and I realised that more than anything  I definitely did not want to leave hairdressing having become mentally and physically worn out.



These thoughts became a positive driving force and god willing, I am still hoping that my career will only end when I have achieved everything in that clear vision. I do hope that by me writing these blogs that I might inspire you in some way. I also hope that hairdressers world-wide, will be encouraged to step into my successful journey of healthy hair, mind and body, which are the three most important attributes in my career. Truly they are the most important aspects of my working life, which keep me happy, healthy and keeping positively creative while behind the chair.



You have no idea how blessed and thankful I feel to be at this point in my journey.  I have tried to  learn all the tools and knowledge that I can and taken every opportunity given to me, to keep me in my successful career. I am proud to be able to talk about this journey, hoping to inspire and help others. I can honestly say that I feel a celebration within my heart these days.


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reflecting over my career and whilst I have been so busy after the Christmas break, it made me think about when I was just 16 years old. If only my teachers had taught the importance of looking after yourself mentally, what a difference it could have made to the young me. I strongly believe that at sometime in the future, I will give talks about the importance of mental health and why I think it is so important to have the mind in a good place, in order for you to have a positive life and career.


My career in my 20s, was at times, so negative and overwhelming. I sometimes wonder, how I held it together without the tools and knowledge I have now?  I know I did a lot of crying and shouting at the end of some of my 12 hour days behind the chair. At that time, this was obviously my way of releasing negativity and tension,  I just felt emotionally overwhelmed. I felt absolutely drowned, suffocated at times by clients’ and work colleagues’ energies. I felt and carried all these negative energies on my neck and shoulders. Sometimes I simply could not move my neck or my shoulders and by the time I was 30 years old, they were completely rounded. Hand on heart I think I can say that I  look and feel so much better at 50 years old than I did at in my 20s, I feel so very strong both mentally and physically.


By 30 I could quite easily have left my career, I was starting to look mentally and physically worn out. But I loved hairdressing so much, I did not want to give up. I am so grateful that my love for my work gave me the driving force to go on my 20 year journey to learn to look after myself mentally and physically. I felt that the universe was guiding me, to help me remain positively behind the chair, doing what I loved, hairdressing!


In my 30s at the start of my healing journey, I visited an osteopath and a therapist every three weeks, after three years, it was suggested that I could become a therapist myself. In fact it was almost stated that


 I needed to become a therapist!


At the time I thought what strange thing to say, I am a hairdresser I do not want to be anything else.  It is only now on reflection I have realised that  each time I have taken on a new challenge,  it has always resulted in people assuming I want to teach that particular activity. This started with martial arts, then with singing, therapies, meditation and even yoga. I only teach my weekly trance class as my way of giving back to others.  But I am now so grateful to that osteopath and therapist saying that comment to me all those years ago. I now know that there was a pattern forming in the three weeks when I attended my treatments. My mind was completely peaceful and positive. My neck, I could move again, my shoulders felt lighter. I learnt so much from them. Emotionally, and mentally I was causing myself a physical problem, so the fascination of their healing work made me want to learn for myself about different therapies, so my learning journey had begun.



I feel the more I take care of my mind, I know that this positively helps me to take care of my both my emotional and physical needs. When this happens it gives me a positive outlook on life and I have a fascination and hunger for learning. I love finding out how to live the best possible life I can. I understand how detrimental energies can affect our personal space and how this can effect the state of our mind. When my mind is at peace it gives me a sense of freedom, that I am living in the moment. I sense a wonderful contentment and have happy feelings from within, that the material world can not give me.



So believe me this week at work, even at 50 years old, I have been busier than when I was in my 20s and 30s!  But I will not let anyone or anything disturb my positive mind. I say to my class members you will take a more peaceful, calm, relaxed approach to daily life and challenges. It doesn’t mater what age you are you can change your mindset to do this.

So step into my world and give it a try.



Love and light

Mel Johnson xx