A new decade a new chapter in my journey – Mel Johnson shares her hopes for 2020

Happy New Year 2020, as I am reflecting back on 2019,  I remember the incredible challenges I set myself for my 50 birthday, back in July. Honestly at the beginning of 2019  I thought to myself


Mel you are going to be 50 not 20!



Well, I think I have proved to myself that age is truly just a number.  Believe me, you can achieve anything with a positive mindset as 2019 certainly was an amazing year. Through doing the personal challenges I had set myself,  I now feel stronger mentally, physically and I love the person I have become.


I re-evaluated my life and realised just how far I have come and what I had achieved on my journey of life. I appreciate the lessons I learnt along the way, and know that without them, I would not be the authentic person I am so that I can say truthfully to the world,


I have been there and worn the tee-shirt. 





So God-willing, 2020 will be the start of the journey to celebrate the 20 years of my incredible journey. I told myself on my 31st birthday that I was not going to be a hairdresser who would find herself having to stop working behind the chair, because of being  mentally and physically completely worn out.  I felt strongly that only when, I was ready to leave this profession that I love, that I would do it only when I was able to think that I had achieved everything I had set out to achieve. That way I could leave the chair feeling mentally and physically able to start the next chapter in my book of life.



So I see this 20 year celebration as the start of a new chapter in my book to create the vision I see clearly happening before the end of my career. I am excited by this thought and think it will be the most exciting part of my career.


So within my working life,  I will create a sanctuary where I specialise in healthy hair, mind and body. Sharing all my knowledge and wisdom, that I have learnt from all my inspirational teachers whilst on this amazing 20 year journey,  keeping me creative, positive and healthy whilst working behind the chair.



I have never been very good at believing in myself or praising my own work. These days however,  I accept this and do not think it as a negative personality trait. I think I have finally realised that these deep feelings of doubt that I have inside of my heart, are exactly those thoughts that have always made me feel that I can do better.


What these negative thoughts have actually done, is given me  the drive I needed, and through them have faced the endless challenges I have given myself. I also now realise that all of them have had such positive outcomes in my life.


I would like to thank my mentor Sal Cooke OBE who now runs a very successful business Just Ask Sal, who has worked closely with me over the last 5 years and has helped me finally believe in myself. The number of hours she has personally invested in me, I cannot add up. I think anyone else would have definitely given up on me. But like me, Sal loves a challenge, I certainly have been that !!!


I feel my vision after this 20 year journey is at tipping point. I feel a sense of karma for all the “giving back”  in my career. At times it’s not been easy getting people to accept what I believe in, things like Angels, crystals, law of attraction, positivity, yoga and meditation. My 20 year journey has been incredibly difficult at times for clients, friends, family and  class members to understand and believe that I am a professional hairdresser just trying to be the best possible version of myself and have not gone crazy.  When I completed courses on things such as crystal healing and have crystals at my work station I am sure some thought it odd. But what is different these days, is that I feel I can now talk loud and proud about what I believe in. I now have the confidence,  having positively changed my own life and so many other people’s lives over the course of my 20 year journey. I feel I have endless knowledge and wisdom to share.  Because Mel Johnson is real.


I am very fortunate and incredibly grateful that my business partner Richard, is my husband and that he has been there every step of the way. He is the strength behind our success. He honestly hand on heart, is the best hairdresser I have ever worked with. I am 100% sure everyone that has ever worked for him would say the same. I always say we are like a comedy act and I sometimes wonder whether clients come in for their hair doing, or just to have a good laugh at our many stories. I would say truthfully Richard’s expert knowledge of Paul Mitchell products gained over the last 21 years, is truly amazing. His deep understanding of all the products is one of the key factors in making our salon, The Color Bridlington  a leading Paul Mitchell Signature Salon. So in my vision Richard will still be the strength behind it all and it will be Richard who will drive me forward to make “it”  happen for me.


So let the celebration begin,  I am so excited at the start of this new decade.


  • Healthy hair, mind and body is the key to a positive happy contented life .
  •  Step into my world because I believe I can make that positive difference.
  • Have the best 2020 you so so deserve it .
  • Keep telling yourself that and the universe!


Love and light Mel Johnson xx