Are there no hairdressers working these days that can create beautiful hair for those clients, in their 30s, 40s, 50s or in their 60s and older?

I am not a negative person at all and I challenge myself daily to keep a positive mindset. As you know, I am a fifty year old hairdresser and I have never felt so healthy happy and positively creative behind the chair. The knowledge coupled with the tools in my box alongside my amazing Paul Mitchell products, and now the revolutionary OLAPLEX. I really feel I can achieve the most beautiful hair for my clients what ever age they have reached.


The reason for writing this blog is I am completely amazed about the fact that nearly all the  models within the hairdressing industry are so young. These are the people who are promoting hair, products and styles and you very rarely see anyone over age of forty!!


As a hairdresser, I am completely confident that whatever a client’s age. I will always be the ultimate professional and I will strive to achieve the best possible shine and condition for them.  With my extensive knowledge and my amazing products, I am confident that I can achieve youthful hairstyles on any age.


I felt I just wanted to put some positivity out there. I am a hairdresser who works behind the chair,  with all age groups. Can I just say,  what ever your age,  you deserve beautiful youthful hair and this should not just be for the celebrities or young models who are seen all over the digital world .






Healthy hair and a healthy life style is my world behind the chair. My clear vision is always youthful hair. You could say …


Love is in the hair!



Love and light

Mel Johnson xx

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