Another inspirational person enters the pathway of my life

I have always felt that it is important to me that I should be ready and open to learning something new every single day.  I feel this then keeps me as a professional hair dresser working behind the chair, interesting for clients to chat to, happy, healthy, positive, creative and able to sharing my knowledge and wisdom with everyone I meet.


So on my one day off, I had been fortunate to get a place on one of the workshops which are run regularly at The Healing Touch. I have been to this old chapel in Staintondale a few times before, as Di Wilson often has had some amazing visiting tutors run sessions for her at this beautiful location and I am always happy to drive across the North York Moors  to get there.


The workshop I attended this time, was Sacred Voices and the inspirational teacher was Sandra Lynne Page, who runs her own website,  which you might like to look at.


Sandra is a Shaman (sometimes known as a medicine woman)  a singer and an artist  She shared with us her knowledge and wisdom, I was absolutely amazed by what I learnt in the one-day workshop.


I definitely feel that I was so meant to meet her, on my own journey. Sandra gave me yet  more tools for my own work and my mental toolbox, to help me to stay positive behind the chair. I felt strongly that this workshop was advertised just at a time when I needed more help and guidance in my own life.


Sandra really helped me understand more about the importance of protecting my own energy before then protecting others.  Giving me much-needed confirmation, and helping me accept that I am an inspiration to others and that I do genuinely help other people on their own journeys.


Sandra Inspired me to always follow my own path, to always be myself and be confident in the person I have now become

Mel Johnson

Achieve your Dreams


I know now, that I should always be celebrating my journey of life, with a sense of inner gratitude and fulfilment. It is actually OK for my soul to be happy,  even if the people around me are not. Something I have always struggled with. Now I understand that I can always shower them with my love, my light and my sparkling presence and that in itself will be my inner gift to them. I have learnt to accept that not everyone wants that gift, or is ready for it at the time, but that this is OK too and it does not signify rejection.


I am excited about the new tools I have learnt which are now in my box. Which will keep me god- willing, working positively behind the chair. So a heart-felt thank you to Sandra Lynne Page for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me. I look forward to a time when we meet again on our journey of life.


Love and light
Mel Johnson xx

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