Learn to love your own journey of life

After reading this amazing quote from “Kundalini Times on Facebook. I found it gave me the inspiration to write this blog.


I do feel life’s journey can be incredibly tough at times. But we should try understand that we each have our own personal journey, nobody else’s just our own. Because of this we have to realise that it is only ourselves that can write a positive chapter in our own autobiography.


I see so very often,  especially now with social media, that there are so many people looking up to the kinds of people who are not grounded in our own day-to-day living. These people persuade their followers that they should follow them and then they find themselves craving the life that these people are falsely portraying.

The follower becomes so engrossed in this unreal world, that they can easily lose control in their own lives. Life can then become stagnant and even depressing for them because they have no energy to move forward on their own journey.


I strongly believe to gain the wisdom of life you have to walk on your own road. Get to know the real you and invest in your own energy. Try to accept that we all have lessons to learn. Appreciate the people that come into your life, learn from them and absorb their positivity. It is so important to always remember you can not be them and I would say that it is wasted energy if you spend time trying to be them


We can be inspired by the inspirational people, that we meet,  but we should never feel resentment or jealousy. Just embrace their knowledge and wisdom they are positively giving, then we can be the best person we can possibly be and importantly be authentic and real.


Enjoy being you, invest in yourself and be the best possible you! Each day enjoy the learning,  grow stronger, let go off everything that no longer serves you. Be in competition with no one, just invest positively in ways that will be constantly improving yourself.  Because you are worth it, might be a well used expression but it is an important message.

Live the journey of your own life! Watch the joy it brings.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx

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  1. Maggie says:

    What a way to start the day. Thank you Mel. Great post.