Why teaching good posture is a must for future hairdressing professionals

If only from the beginning of our hairdressing journey, we had all been taught the importance of good posture and how it helps to keep hairdressers working healthily behind the chair all the way through to their retirement dates. I feel that this is even more important since the government has kept raising the retirement age, meaning we are all on our feet and standing for such long days.


I suppose at sixteen years old, you would never even sit and think about what it might be like, later in life, to still be working behind the chair or what effect this has on our spines. I can honestly say, no one ever mentioned it to me, whilst I was training.  I just always heard the senior stylists moaning about their back and joint problems. I suppose I just never thought it was going to happen to me. I know I was thirty when I decided I needed to look into the detrimental effects bad posture was having on my day, behind the chair.



If I could I would tell all professionals hairdressers that they should all learn some Iyengar Yoga poses, to help their posture, like it has mine. My own posture has never been as good as it is now, and I can honestly say it is improving all the time.  Which I am thankful and grateful for at fifty years old.


We need to create this understanding about the need to care for the postures of young hairdressing professionals.  I suggest that the people in charge of hairdressing industry training, need  to introduce yoga practice. Or if not there should be at least a weekly lesson on the importance of good posture when working behind the chair and at the back-wash house .


I know many years ago cutting stools were introduced into salons so professionals could sit when cutting.


I still feel unless you are taught how to sit correctly on this type of stool  help a professionals posture. Then the stool will not have done its job.


Hand on heart it is so lovely working behind the chair with no back, shoulder. wrist, knee, neckor leg pain ……. gone are those days.
Invest in your posture

Y are so worth it ……..


The world needs more professional hairdressers staying behind the chair for many years to come.

Love and light

Mel Johnson xx