People often ask me, How do I start and end my day, when I am working Behind the Chair?

My aim and hope is that by sharing my life behind the chair, that I will be helping many other hairdressers stay positive,as we all realise that many of us are having to work for many more years than we ever anticipated.



With this in mind, I will share with you how I start and end my days.


Before I start the day, there are things I need to do.  When I leave home, I recognise that I must leave the energy of being a wife and mum there. I use the time before I enter the salon to have some space and time on my own.


I simply love the outdoors (check out this very short video of my amazing sunrise today) and try to make this the place for this to happen. I always rise early and quite often am running to the salon in the dark, look at this short clip I did earlier in the week.  I must enter the salon and leave the salon on my own everyday and  I always start my day by saying a daily mantra before I enter my salon, 


Dear universe, let me have a positive day behind the chair, let it be the best day of my career,  let all our clients have a lovely, relaxing, positive experience in our salon. Keep us all happy and well, protect my energy from all lower vibrational energies and thought forms, thank you


I always make sure I  leave the salon on my own, this is important to me and helps me let go of my day. I always thank the universe for my day behind the chair.  Then before arriving back home I will have left hairdressing behind the chair in a very positive way and I can then look forward to seeing my family.


I am a very strong believer of law of attraction, what you put out to the universe negative or positive, will become reality.


Flip the script of life.


I have written previously about the importance of  “me” time.  I know how important this is to me and should be for others.  I know many people and hairdressers in particular who will say


I just don’t have time for myself .


Well I am sorry, I am not prepared to listen to those kinds of excuses. You must simply make time. Just start with 10 mins in the morning, 10 mins at the end of the day and slowly build up to a few minutes extra just for yourself.

This will positively change your life behind the chair,  it certainly did mine.


Step into my world and I will keep sharing my journey with you.


Love and light


Mel Johnson xx