Olaplex, as seen from Behind the Chair

After having used Olaplex for over two years in my salon, only now do I feel I have the knowledge and expertise to write about this amazing product.


Before I start writing about the Olaplex service,  I need to assure you that the product itself, like those of Paul Mitchell systems, is not tested on animals. In my salon I have never and will never, use products that have been tested on animals.


I feel Olaplex which has been used by professional hairdressers, has revolutionised the science of  hairdressing. It gives  professionals a tool in their box to achieve anything they desire, when it comes to colouring, styling when they use it with the right professional hair products and colours. You will have read in my previous blogs that we only use Paul Mitchell products in my salon The Color Bridlington.


There is nothing else in the hairdressing industry that can re-attach disulphide sulphur bonds.  The hair-bonds which are  broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. If they are “re-attached”, then this will make the hair feel stronger, healthier, with less frizz , healthier curls and beautiful colours. It gives professional hairdressers so much more freedom in today’s era, where clients demands are sometimes overwhelming for us. Brown to blonde in one salon visit can actually  be achieved with the Olaplex service, keeping the hair in amazing condition. Now that is truly amazing in my world.


I feel I have everything behind the chair that I need, to produce beautiful, healthy, conditioned hair. I know I can give a client hair condition, that they thought would never be achievable. I have the evidence in my salon.


Professional hairdressers make their clients’ lives easier. With the right tools and the right products life behind the chair is constantly and positively creative. We need to keep our clients coming back to us.  Instagram clients that are photo-shopped don’t pay the bills. It is the real clients that come into salons across the country, who are the real adverts for the colourists and stylists’ amazing work.  They are real in the outside world, as they talk  positively about us the professional hairdressers and show off our creative work,  356 days of the year.


So I am asking you to please always visit a professional hairdresser, one who has trained intensively and in particular has the expertise and the knowledge about the importance of the Olaplex Service.  You should be able to find one near you, as all professional hairdressers can now enjoy the training about this revolutionary product.


To all professionals I am suggesting that you start offering this amazing product within your own  salon. Trust me you will not be disappointed.



Love and light

Mel Johnson xx