Your body needs Tender Loving Care too!

I feel I need to write this blog and say how important it is to treat the body with tender loving care.


I know I am very fortunate to know the importance this fact. Working behind the chair for 34 years, I have seen the detrimental effects, when a client has not listened to their mind, when it is clearly saying that the body needs to rest. The body is always working just like a machine and just like a machine, the body can break down. Which then results in detrimental effects on the body and mind.


You will have read in my previous blogs, how I was determined not to allow this to happen to me. As a result, I have had a 19 year journey of teaching my mind to respect my body. This god-willing, has enabled me to stay happy, healthy and positively creative whilst working behind the chair.


I strongly believe it all starts in the mind.  We should be listening to our inner voice. I strongly believe we have a positive and negative voice within us. Voice One and Voice Two. Our behaviour and our life is completely controlled by this.  I am seeing more and more around me that people are not listening to their own positive voice – that is Voice number One.


I personally love a physical challenge. But I do know that in order to to do this, I need always to respect my body. Always eating correctly to keep it fueled. Never doing one type of sport to the extreme. As you know I love to cycle, run, walk, lift weights  and I practice yoga and trance meditation.


I have learnt during the last 19 years,that it is all about enjoying what you do and not forcing your body to do  exercise to the extreme. My mind tells me my body loves the combination of the exercises I do.


So start to listen to your own inner Voice One, in a positive way. It’s not all about what the shell looks like, or what someone else is achieving. It is completely and should be about, what is right for you.  It is about what your Voice number One is telling you> It could be  “I need to rest” and if this is the case,  then absolutely do take that rest Or it might be saying,  “I’m not enjoying exercise when my body is in pain”.  Well then simply ease off!  Or you might realise that the message is “I am hungry”  if this is correct then fuel your body with food that will give you energy. Stop being a follower, be your own leader.


It all starts in the mind, my personal daily challenge is to keep my mind listening to my inner positive voice, Voice number One. This to me will always be my end of life challenge.


I am completely grateful for what my body can achieve. But I do know for sure, I treat my body with tender loving care and respect my Voice One. It is telling me that something is not right for me is warning me about the detrimental affects either, physically, mentally or spiritually.


So “Go on, give yourself some TLC, you so deserve it”!  Learn to listen to your own positive intuition and guidance and make sure you follow your own journey of life.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx