Well, what’s been happening in my world?

I suppose, with me not actually writing a blog post for a while, you probably all think nothing much been happening in my world? How wrong you can be!


Let me give you a catch up from my last blog to this very present moment.


My 50th birthday celebrations are now well and truly over and I can honestly say I love being 50, I have never felt so mentally and physically fit. I suppose the difference between being 30 or 40 is mental. I know I am much stronger and this has very definitely been proven over the last few weeks.


My world is so positively busy. I obtained a distinction in my Royal School of Music’s Musical Theatre exam and now I am studying Grade Two. Behind the chair just seems to get busier, but because  I really have mastered the techniques to stay happy,  positive, creative, healthy and positive at all times, I can honestly say I am just so thrilled to feel like I do. I show my appreciation  in as many ways as I can and I always try to “give back” and try to help others  where I can. I often invite  people to join me in my Trance Relaxation Class as I do like to share my knowledge and wisdom, to help people on their own positive life-journey.


I have started to make some recordings of my relaxation techniques. Mainly because I feel now it’s easier for me to talk than to write about things. I still know deep in my heart, that my career will end with me  helping hairdressers, world-wide to stay positive, happy, healthy and keep their creativity when they are working behind the chair.


Currently I’m working closely with my intuition and inner guidance with this. I know deep down I can make that positive difference but it is all about when the time is right. I do feel I am nearly there and I am certainly enjoying the journey, as I am becoming much more able to express myself in this way.


I have also been settling my daughter back in to school, she made me so proud when Angel passed the same Musical Theatre Exam with a merit. This was the exact same exam that I took a few years ago, incredible results for a nine-year old,  I feel that during the next two years, I will be preparing her for the new chapter in her life, when she starts secondary school. I am so grateful that all her teachers both in and out school, will be there to help me in this. I do feel as a parent that you have to put the positive into your child’s eyes, as they cannot always see for themselves.


It’s a tough world out there and I think my daughter will be a strong independent woman, who will love and appreciate her life. She will know the importance of looking after herself emotionally, mentally and physically. She will know the importance of knowing who is on that higher vibration and importantly that you have to give, in order  to receive.


I feel since I became 50 I have stepped my personal fitness and definitely have felt the positivity of this in my day-to-day life. I know a lot people will not agree with me, but I feel each year as time goes by on my life’s journey, god willing. That I can  program my mind to be physically fitter and stronger mentally.  I certainly had a challenge last week, after my early morning run. I then worked behind the chair all day, then it was time for my private yoga lesson.Following this I then I went to Hull to the  Lion’s Hot Yoga Studio, where I did over 1 hour & 30 minutes of Bikram’s  Hot Yoga. Which really does show how mentally strong I am  I really enjoyed the experience. The team of staff were amazing. Very professional, but to me personally very approachable. They wanted you to enjoy and understand the positive benefits of the Hot Yoga experience. So thank you, I will definitely be returning in the future.


Well it’s 5.13 am and my day starts at 5.30 am. I am more and more a strong believer of the Law of Attraction. What you put out to the universe you get back. My challenge in my life will always be to let go of all negativity in my mind. But now I do know a positive thought is so much more powerful than negativity. Give it ago and just let it go and change the script ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Love and light Mel Johnson xx