I just know that I can help hairdressers world-wide!

You will have read in my previous blogs, how I always follow my intuition and gut feelings. Nineteen years of studying different techniques to train my mind and body has helped me to understand that it is right for me to trust my instincts.



I have taught a regular relaxation class for over three years now. I honestly cannot remember just how many clients, class members and people in general have asked me to do a recording for them. I have almost recorded something on quite a few occasions,  but then my intuition has told me “it’s not the right time to do this ” so I have always stopped myself from completing one.



It was very interesting, after I received my signed picture from Paul Mitchell co-founder, John Paul Dejoria (otherwise known as JP), I saw his post on Instagram, showing him doing the Flamingo pose, which in the Iyengar yoga world is a Senior Level Three pose. For me this was such an inspirational moment to see JP doing yoga at this level.  Even more surprising was that I then read  he meditates and says a mantra daily.  You will know if you have followed me on my own journey, that I do this and I have written in the past that it has been totally life changing for me.



As a result of all of this,  I feel the time is now right for me to do a recording, but I feel it really needs to speak to other hairdressers, to help relax their body and mind.  I have a strong feeling that if they could listen to my voice, then their lives behind their own chairs will positively improve just as mine did.



I also think that if they were able to relax both their mind and body, this will create a more positive approach to the daily challenges and the multiple tasks that hairdressing throws at you. I would hope that they will feel more creative, healthier, happier, and enjoy living with a peaceful mindset and be able to focus on the present.



So JP yet again you have inspired me! Let’s see if between us, we help all hairdressers have a strong and healthy mind and body. It make me so happy to think I might be able to make a positive difference. It really is my way of giving back. How amazing would the hairdressing industry be, if all hairdressers were practising yoga and meditation daily. That is my dream ………….


Love and light Mel Johnson  XXX

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