Fifty and feeling fabulous

Well if this is how you feel at fifty years old, then I am feeling fabulous.


You will have probably read in some of my previous blogs about how my life changed when I was 31 years old, exactly 19 years ago. I was, I decided and god-willing, going to remain happy, healthy and creative whilst working behind the chair. I have worked incredibly hard to train my mind and body to achieve this. What an incredible journey which I have shared through many of my blog posts.


In my mind, in the year approaching my fifty birthday, I felt I wanted to become fitter and healthier than when I was 40. Which was a tough challenge, because at 40, I was pregnant with my daughter.  I had worked really hard to be mentally and physically prepared for pregnancy, as a result I absolutely sailed through my pregnancy, working full-time right up to my due-date.


So, I set myself quite a few challenges approaching my fifty birthday, some physical and some aimed to focus on mentality.  I got back into running, which I feel I would not have been able to attempt, if I had not been studying intermediate Iyengar yoga, which I practice each day.  I set my self the challenge of completing a free-standing handstand.

50th birthday Handstand

To be able to do such a pose, I had to build arm strength to carry the weight of my body. I also had to prepare my mind to confidently believe I could achieve something so physical as a handstand. Believe me there was so much sweat, frustration, laughter and maybe nearly some tears along the way.  But I did it and am incredibly proud of what my body and mind can achieve at 50 years old.


I also set myself a challenge of taking The Royal School Of Music’s Musical Theatre Exam.


My daughter Angel who is 9 yrs old, was also taking it too and she said it was her 50th birthday present to me. We had such a fun time together and it has been an incredible and memorable journey watching Angel’s confidence grow. We both did the exam on the morning of my 50th birthday, a sheer coincidence. It was an absolutely fantastic start to my day, just such an amazing positive mother and daughter experience. Absolutely a treasured memory. We are both so incredibly excited waiting for our results.


Another challenge I regularly set myself at the start of each and every year, is to produce my best work whilst always wanting to achieve the perfect blonde. I now realise that I absolutely love blow-drying hair, it is the one thing I realise that I can still improve upon, all the time. So yet again I set myself the challenge of producing the most meaningful piece of hairdressing work to date for my 50th year. I created a piece of work which I dedicated this to Paul Mitchell called Angel in the Sky. I am incredibly proud of this work and so life behind the chair at fifty just gets better and better.









I feel I would like to dedicate this blog post to Wilf Proudfoot, as he was the person that changed my mindset about how I saw getting older.Before I met him and started on his training courses, I had a fear about getting older and what I would do for a career after hairdressing. But he made me realise age is just a number, he woke up everyday and learnt something new and kept on achieving until is death at 92. When I think about age I always refer to Wilf and think at 50 he had achieved a lot, but what he achieved after 50 was just incredible.

Wilf Proudfoot

So I am so excited about being fifty,  lots more to achieve and I feel I am just at the start of my career. An another angel shining bright in the sky, I owe so much to you Wilf, you positively changed my life.


So I am embracing positively, every moment of being fifty. I know I am incredibly grateful and thankful for my good health, work hard you get the rewards. There is always time for some me time, my day starts at 5.30 am . So no excuses should be ever made. God willing exciting future ahead . Lots of new positive challenges, I will set my mind.


There’s one thing I still needed to free myself from and finally let it go. So now at 50 years old I seemed to have had an awakening which happened during a chat with my mentor Sal Cooke OBE. No more entering of hairdressing competitions Mel Johnson! But I would be more than happy to be a judge. I have decided  I will still produce creative imagery, but that will purely for my own portfolio.


I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to my family, friends and my clients for my being here in my world. Especially making my fifty birthday so happily memorable, Love you all!!


Love and light
Mel Johnson xx