My Creative Vision.

As you will know if you have read some of my previous posts. I have been busy setting myself some personal challenges in the weeks leading up to my 50th birthday.


I have just completed one of my challenges, which was to produce some new creative design work. I have to say that I am really pleased with it and think it is some of my most meaningful work to-date.  I have even gone on and used it to enter the Paul Mitchell Color Outside the Lines Competition. This year (2019) the entries have to be uploaded to Instagram, so if you wish to view the images then check out my Instagram account  melaniejohnson2017 

I am really happy with my creative work, I feel I have created a look that comes from a very clear vision which I have felt so strongly over the last few months leading up to the photo shoot.


My intuition was guiding me to go back to the very beginning, where it all started. I asked myself what reminded me of the very beginning of my journey with Paul Mitchell products over 21 years ago. I kept sensing lots of green and the feeling that I was being drawn to Hawaii. Personally  I have never been there but at times I have felt as if I had. It made me feel so connected to this beautiful place, with its bright blue skies, the feeling of the brightest of colours, I loved the sense of peace and calmness it gave my mind.


Then one day, whilst I was working behind the chair, just sitting to my right hand side, I have a vase containing the flowers of the Awapuhi wild ginger plant. I suddenly thought this is the link… the Awapuhi wild ginger plant was at the beginning of Paul Mitchell’s journey to create the amazing Paul Mitchell products.

My creative work will be dedicated Paul Mitchell and I will try to  bring the Awapuhi wild ginger plant beauty into my work. I Googled the different images of this plant and it is so incredibly beautiful and it is mind-blowing to think how it as enabled hairdressers on a world-wide scale, to be able to create beautiful hair for their clients.


I have achieved, so many creative hairstyles within my amazing career. But these two creative hairstyles I felt have been different to the rest.  They are dedicated to a person who brought so much love, light, passion and creativity to the hairdressing industry. His legacy keeps on making huge positive impacts everyday. These pictures are for you Paul Mitchell,  an angel the brightest shiniest star in the sky.  The peace I felt within my mind was the end of your journey your final resting place where it all started in Hawaii. 



Here is a link to a YouTube video featuring Robert Cromeans, who I had the privilege of meeting last year. This time he is not giving one of his amazing platform hair designer shows, but he is talking about the Paul Mitchell Farm on Hawaii.



Paul Mitchell in his early days harvesting Awaphui Wild Ginger

Robert talks about how they still harvest Awapuhi for the Paul Mitchell products and I have to say watching this video gives me goose bumps. Especially when he talks about the ethos of Paul Mitchell himself. Check out this link to see the video




I would like thank Nige Hatch, my photographer for working with me and believing in what I wanted to create. You really are a true professional! My model Casey Arnott, the most patient person I have ever met, thank you for being you. Love and light to you both.


I captured a moment that I felt I shared my love , light, positively, passion, creativity for my work and my amazing Paul Mitchell products. Well onto my next challenge not many weeks to go!!! I am loving every moment.


Love and light to the universe and all its creations!

Mel Johnson   XXX



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