My 50th Birthday Creative Challenge

My 50th Birthday is nearly 7 weeks away. So I thought I would set myself a challenge to imagine, plan, style and achieve my best creative work up to date .


I have decided to enter the Paul Mitchell Color Outside the Lines 2019 Competition. I thought I would give it one last try, everyone who knows me, know how I strive to keep behind the chair whilst remaining positive, healthy, happy and creative. This year you will be able to see the results as we have to post them onto Instagram!


I want to personally thank my fabulous photographer Nige Hatch and my amazing model Casey Arnott, for agreeing to helping me in my ultimate creative challenge for my 50th Birthday.


Without their input I would not be able to do this challenge. So heartfelt thank you to them both. We have all worked together in the past and produced some amazing results.


It is no secret that my ultimate aim is to one day meet John Paul Dejoria (the inspirational co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems) . I would really feel a sense of achievement and if I could personally give him the story I wrote for him. I read his blog – Wonder if he reads mine?


I wrote the story of my career and how it is  JP who has inspired me this last 21 years. I wrote the story after the last time, I entered the competition over 2 years ago.  I did try to get it to him in America, but too this present day,  I have heard no response.


I have personally met many inspirational people in my career,  that have inspired me and shared their knowledge and wisdom with me. But for 21 years now, I have used the amazing Paul Mitchell Products. These amazing tools have certainly helped me stay happy, positive and creative behind the chair. I just love the ethos behind the company and I personally share all their passion and beliefs.


But I still have a strong vision that there is one last person I need to meet in my career, I really fell that this John Paul Dejoria. If I achieve this I will really feel I have achieved everything I set out to do in my career. Personally it will give me an inner contentment and bring an end to this vision, I will finally feel that I can then be released at a time that will suit me and my family from always  working behind the chair.



One thing is for sure I am certainly not going to forget my 50th birthday and the challenge I set for myself.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx