Less than 8 weeks to my 50th Birthday

In my next few blogs I will be writing about the positive challenges which I have set for myself as I reach my 50th birthday.


It is often after a chain of events that my life seems to always bring me to needing to face a challenge, this time my first challenge is going to be taking my musical theatre exam.


It was October last year,  when I bumped into my old singing teacher in the supermarket. We got chatting about my daughter, Angel and my intuition was to ask her whether she thought I should look into getting Angel started with singing and piano lessons. She said she would love to start teaching her, so after talking this through with Angel she said she would like to have a go. So it was agreed!


In January this music teacher told us that The Royal School of Music had just set up musical theatre examinations, she thought it would be something that Angel would like to do as she thought she would do well. She went on to say for the Grade One exam you can sing songs from The Sound of Music,  which is my all time favourite musical. The teacher said you should do this exam  too Mel! At that point, I was certainly not thinking of starting singing again myself!


From January, my husband Richard, kept suggesting different holidays which we could celebrate my 50th birthday. I kept saying to him no it doesn’t feel right !!! I knew from last year it was connected to The Sound of Music somehow. I had kept mentioning this to Richard and he said

Well – let’s go to Salzburg , go on the Sound of  Music Tour, he even tried sorting out flights from Birmingham. But still my intuition was telling this doesn’t feel right.  I just kept saying I will be where I am meant to be  on the day.  I am completely happy with that . I do appreciate that Richard was only wanting my day to be so special for me.


So in April to encourage Angel I agreed I would take the musical theatre examination with my daughter.  Angel is now doing this exam as her gift to me.  How special will that be? I think it will be one of the best presents I will receive. I said to Richard, it will not coincide with my birthday because the summer exam is always the week before the school holidays. So the latest it will be is the Friday before my birthday which is the first Monday of the school holidays.  How wrong was I?!


So a few weeks ago  the teacher said to me,


“ I now have the confirmed dates of the exam “ Are you doing anything on July 22nd ? “


My face must have said it all! “It is my 50 birthday!

“ well she said, in the 15 years teaching in Bridlington, it has never been the week after schools break up for summer. She really couldn’t believe this .



We have just had a week away from work to relax and at times I was thinking, is it the right thing to do?  Angel and I went for our singing lesson together this week.  Our teacher said “I have got you a gift Mel, I bought it for your 50 birthday, but feel I need to give you it today.”


The most beautiful glass Angel As you can imagine my  intuition was telling me strongly that I am on the right path. Certainly this very kind gift,  gave me confirmation I am doing the correct things.


So I was right all along I will be doing something connected to The Sound of Music.


I was told by a very wise older lady a few weeks ago


‘ Mel always trust your gut feeling and intuition. It will never fail you !! “


I am loving bringing singing back into my life, Angel and I are having such fun, having such special times together. A 50th birthday memory which I will treasure for the rest of my life.


No material possessions will ever make me feel this amount of love and happiness, which I am feeling,  as I am starting do these sorts of things as a part of my 50th  Birthday challenge.


 These are a few of my favourite things !!! “


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx