The journey of life with added confidence.

I firmly believe that the journey of life can be made easier, if we feel positively confident about ourselves.


Throughout my own incredible journey,  I know that I have always needed to have an interest or challenge for me personally,  something completely separate from those challenges of working behind the chair. I feel that having these additional goals has then helped me gain enormous confidence in my life. This in turn, has helped me believe in myself, which is something I can truthfully say, I have always battled with.


The thing that completely irritates me when I am doing anything away from working behind the chair, which I can 100 % guarantee is that someone will ask me “are you changing your career or are you going to be a teacher?


Little do they know, I am doing “it” (whatever it is), because of my love of being a hairdresser. I do a range of things in order to keep me confident, healthy, happy and creative whilst working behind the chair. Without my challenges, I would have failed miserably and would have been one of the many hairdressers that walk away from their career due to negative experiences.


Angel (my daughter) recently took and passed with merit, her Grade One, Royal School of Music, singing  exams. I am incredibly proud of her achievements and that she has taken this first exam. Why did I  encourage her, whilst she is still at a young age to do this?


Well, I actually sat the same exam at 38 years of age and so have some really positive experiences of the whole process. 


It was whilst I was reading Angel’s school report at the end of the last academic year, it became clear to me, that during the next year,   both in and out of school, we would all need to focus our, work and encouragement to build Angel’s confidence and self-belief.


As a result I also had a talk with Angel’s amazing private teacher, who fortunately has been Angel’s mentor since her very first day at school.  If you have read my previous blogs, you will know that  I feel  strongly that everyone needs a mentor in life. A positive person who will share their knowledge and wisdom, to lift our vibration. 


So I decided to introduce Angel to singing and piano lessons. It was extremely fortunate that the singing teacher who taught me when  I passed my own music exams is still practicing. I just knew that this teacher would be the right person to introduce to Angel to. With the idea of sharing  knowledge and wisdom with her.


I hope that by learning music it will help Angel express herself more confidently.  Not at any point did I ever think about Angel becoming a professional singer or pianist. My first and only aim, was to build her confidence and self-belief. To learn to express herself and importantly have fun through music. I know that by having the confidence to sing solos positively, this will help her with public speaking, one to one conversations, oral examinations, and most importantly improve her self-belief, confidence, positivity and is fun!



I do feel a lot of pressure is put on us in our early lives to be the best academically or to be the best sportsperson. I  suppose to be the best at everything and to own the best of everything. Being an older parent it saddens me sometimes to think I will not be around in Angel’s later life. But I always have to put a positive approach to this. I do know that by having my positive guidance from such a young age, she will become that strong self-sufficient independent woman.  She will have the confidence and self-belief for her own life’s journey.  To be herself, to love herself and shine bright, so that she will be positively contagious to everyone that meets her.


I have taught her the importance of the body needing to relax and to take time out for time for yourself!  Angel now spends over one hour each evening in the bath, bathing in tea tree and lavender.


“I am just relaxing Mummy !!!!


that’s my girl!!

Love and light

Mel Johnson xx


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  1. Maggie says:

    A lovely post and a very lucky little girl ♥️ there is nothing more important than feeling loved and being lovingly nurtured.