Creating the most wonderfully relaxing holiday apartment by the sea has been fun says Mel Johnson

If have read my previous blog posts you will already know that I have a unique gift of creating a relaxing experience within my surroundings. I am open and honest and try to share my knowledge and wisdom everyday in a range of ways I try to share how I think that learning to understand the importance of relaxation can lead to a positive life. My salon, The Color in Bridlington, is a relaxing experience for all our clients and I firmly believe is one of the most relaxing salons in the UK.



For the last three years, I have taught a Trance Relaxation Class and this takes place in the room I created above my salon. All my class members have now learnt to enjoy deep relaxation. I strongly believe everyone has the ability to enjoy this sort of deep relaxation and I think should experience the amazing benefits from taking part in this type of sessions. I know that they feel the influence of the class during the rest of their week and this is very gratifying. I am convinced that a relaxed approach to life’s challenges, is the key to having a positive mindset.



When my husband had a vision during 2018, to renovate part of a property into a holiday apartment on the south side of the Bridlington. I was happy to let him design and upgrade the interior of the property. This he has now completed, Richard has worked incredibly hard to achieve a superb result. The apartment is beautifully finished with a contemporary style. But I felt it was crying out for the finishing touches and I suggested that we needed to dress the apartment with a beach theme and  in a way that would ensure that everyone who enters, instantly feels the welcoming sense of relaxation, time-out and gives a homely feeling. So this was what I persuaded Richard that I needed to add in order to complete the restoration.





The challenge was set, I needed to create this feeling instant relaxation, a feeling of recharging your batteries, a feeling of this place giving you a feeling that it was OK to take out the time to re-energise and  gain a wonderful feeling of energy from being at the seaside.



There is a beautiful energy that comes from being near the sea and the grounding energy of sand is something that I have tried to build upon, to capture the positive energy in the apartment. The whole place really reflects the feeling of holiday time and almost shouts “Let’s relax and have some fun”!



If you long for fish and chips and you stay in this apartment, how lucky it is,  that literally you are only minutes away from the best fish and chips in the town. Especially after a lovely walk along the beautiful south side beach of Bridlington then you can say to yourself that “You so deserve a little treat “.



We have named our apartment after our daughter, Angel, so it is actually called Angel by The Sea, and even if I say so myself, it is so relaxing and has everything you can imagine you might need in such a high-quality self-catering apartment.


So do please, take some time and have a look at it and book your visit through Sykes Holiday Cottages. (Check out the link and see what you think, Sykes gave it 4 Starts immediately – so I was really pleased with that) 

Do remember to take some time out to relax and enjoy the moment.

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx