Getting excited about the new Muted Metallics products from the Paul Mitchell Color range

I am really fortunate to have worked with Paul Mitchel’s brand of products for over 20 years.  I  have seen some amazing and exciting changes along the way. I think I have been really fortunate to have worked with these products for this length of time as it enables me to confidently and honestly say that I have worked with every product in the entire range. I do not think there are many other hair designers that can say that.


I am still always excited when new product is launched.  My clients all recognise my enthusiasm for the new products and seem to understand and like that it is these things that keep me creative and stop me getting bored, whilst I continue working behind the chair, here in The Color Bridlington.


Paul Mitchell Color, have just brought out 3 colours to their Demi range  “The Muted Metallics” which are Lavender, Silver and Rose Gold, so you can imagine I am just loving experimenting with these colours.


I recently coloured one of my client’s hair with one of these new Demi Muted Metallic colours, this one I used was lavender.  I have always loved doing creative work for photo shoots, but have never felt creative colouring works well in my day-to-day styling.  I always remember that I am in the real world when I am behind the chair.  I love creating colours with high shine, in beautiful condition and most importantly, I always remember that the client needs to be able to take home all the products to maintain their new style.

The new colour product, I used, resulted in the most beautiful lavender tone on my client’s hair, which I would describe as a grown up pink colour, which you all know by now, is my absolute favourite colour. The lavender colour I created for my client also oozed class, femininity and created a beautifully, conditioned finished look. My client had a soft delicate lavender tone on her hair to compliment her skin tone and her natural beauty. Not giving her hair the sort of dreadful box color appearance, which these days I am seeing far too much of and one that I really do think is the worst look ever.


So I am really convinced that these new Muted Metallics will be perfect to use on any age of client, giving them a wonderful youthful expression. It could be a form of expressing a youthful spirit, and by adding a touch of lavender, rose gold or silver it is possible to create that small simple change which can brighten someone’s world.


I love the fact I can encourage my clients to express themselves with their hair colour not just with clothes and makeup. Your hair, I strongly believe, is what keeps you looking youthful and confident. It is only when your hair is at its best that everything else then slots beautifully into place.


Go on add a little colour into your hair! Express who you really are. I dare you!!!