Bet you do not keep one of these in your make-up bag?

I am sure your first thought when you read the title of this blog was that I was going to write about a beauty product ? Well actually, I am writing about something I use regularly and it is literally as important to me, as my favourite lipstick, especially in winter.

I always have a Boots Dual Defence spray in my make-up bag. 


This amazing product helps stop me succumbing to colds and flu-like symptoms which in my business I cannot really afford to catch.  I am convinced this contributes in the fact that I never get winter flu or terrible colds.


If you read my previous blogs, you will now know the great lengths, I take to staying positive, happy and healthy while working behind the chair.

I also use this clever product when I am on a plane and I feel that germs are circulating. I also would use it in the situation, where someone is sneezing and coughing with little consideration for people around them and are displaying poor hygiene. I have over the recent years recommended this product to a lot of my clients.


I felt I would like to share now with my readers all my added little gems of information, which I feel plays a massive part in looking after my mind and body positively.

Invest in yourself, you so deserve to be the best you possibly can and please try being kind to others and yourself.

Love and light,

Mel Johnson xx