Do I think Light Therapy works? – Yes I do says Mel Johnson

Here I am again, writing about how I stay healthy, positive and creative whilst I am working behind the chair.


It must be over 12 years ago that I was first told by a client, just how amazing Sad Light Therapy boxes were.    At that time I had not really heard much about Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD),  so I had no real understanding of the severity its impact can have on individuals. So it was truly a  revelation when I found out just how much one of these special lights can help limit the damaging effects on people  who have to suffer the symptoms of seasonal effective disorder.  


I remember thinking at the time about just how I personally experienced the winter months. I knew I felt a definite difference in myself from when the clocks changed in October. This really made me feel  negative as the summer was well and truly over. Plus the realisation that the long dark winter months were just around the corner. I almost felt I needed to hibernate, which of course I could not do with my busy working days.

Looking back I suppose I have always considered myself to be a summer person, I just love the brightness of blue skies on a beautiful summers day. I definitely noticed in myself a drop in energy and the craving of more carbohydrates.





So I decided to purchase a Sad Therapy Light Box for my salon from Sad lights I have now used a sad light in my salon every winter for 12 years. I always have it  near to my work station. My clients and I love the positive experience, as it just instantly makes you feel warm and bright, even if the day outside the salon is so dark and miserable.  It makes me feel as if it is a warm, beautiful summers day. It creates a happy and gentle experience for my clients and many want to  visit to me just because of the warmth that it exudes.


Since me using Sad Light Therapy in the salon – many of my clients have purchased one for themselves at home .


It was not until I started writing about the light box, that  I have realised, what a massive and very positive impact the light box has made on my  own well-being over the winter months and clearly has been a positive for my own health  and for my clients too.

If I am honest I don’t suppose I have ever actually realised, until now, just  how much effort, I have put into the  last 19 years in order for me to remain healthy, positive and creative, whilst I continue to work behind the chair.


Quite unbelievable really,  but believe me it is all true!


So I will keep sharing my inspirational journey with all my readers. Thank you for your continued support


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx