Yet another tip to keeping positively healthy – use Vitamin D Spray from Better You

Here I am again sharing the many things that keep me happy, healthy positive and creative while working behind the chair. Once again I can reassure you that I do not get any benefits from companies for any of the products I write about.


It would seem that many of my clients over the recent years have been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.




When I realised this, I became intrigued about the detrimental effects that the lack of this sunshine vitamin, seems to have on the body and mind. I was completely blown away when I found out about just how it can affect a person

It seemed to me, that it was becoming more and more common and I seem to hear more clients regularly telling me they have a vitamin D deficiency.




Following this it was suggested to me that I should try the Better You Vitamin D Spray,  I researched this product and I have to say that I have found it to be positively beneficial to my health. I love the idea of a measured oral dose being taken so quickly into my body, rather than taking a tablet then having to wait for it to be digested and then start to work.


So as I said previously, I will keep sharing with you all, the many things I do to stay healthy, in mind, body and spirit.


Why not have a go yourself and see what a difference it makes?


Look after yourself! You so deserve to be the best you possibly can be!


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx