My Love of Green Tea

For those of you regular readers you will know that I have just started sharing with my followers, those little gems of information that I tell my face to face clients about quite regularly about  how I stay healthy working behind the chair as I approach my 50th birthday later this year .


Like many people, I have researched the benefits of Green Tea and I was completely amazed by them. It is not that long ago that  someone recommended that  instead of drinking half a litre of green tea daily, that I would find it better  to take a daily high strength tablet of green tea.





So now I buy this product from Nature’s Best as they seem to be the only company that sell the 500 mg extract.  – Once again I must stress, in no way am I paid to tell you about these tablets nor do I receive any incentives.





I do feel green tea and the incredible benefits it seems to bring me, has clearly contributed to my amazing health. I am incredibly grateful to be so fit  at approaching 50 years old.  I am sat here today writing  and sharing with you all my top tips for health.

But I do not take my wonderful, health for granted, I work incredibly hard at maintaining it and I thank the universe everyday day for helping me maintain a healthy, body and mind. I always believe in gratitude and what you positively put out to the universe you receive. I have written about this in previous blog postings.


Take care, believe me you so deserve to be the best you possibly can be.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx