Just Loving using Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel

I hope that by now, you have got to know me well, particularly those of you who have read my many blogs focussing on how I strive to stay positively, healthy while working behind the chair.


I know, I tend to write so often about how my challenge day, is to try to keep a strong healthy positive mind. But I do strongly believe that by doing this, everything then falls positively into place.


I thought I would share with you all, in the same way I do with my face to face clients, how I stay so healthy behind the chair. I do not take my fantastic health for granted and I consider what I do everyday in my life helps me promote my good health, actually pays off considerably.


Who can say in the hairdressing industry, that they have only had one day off sick in 22 years in business?  At 40 years old worked full-time whilst pregnant right up to her due date, with no complications. I am so incredibly fortunate to have amazing health , I thank the universe for this everyday.

I feel that as I approach 50 this year, that I am hopefully very inspirational to other females. So I thought I should share on this blog, the things I believe, play a massive part in keeping me healthy whilst living my incredibly busy, fun-filled packed life which I lead every day.


It seems appropriate to start this series of posts with one about me using Aloe Vera Gel. Personally I use a high quality gel, supplied by a company called Forever.  I know that by using Aloe Vera regularly that this has had a massively positive benefit to my own health. If you want to know more about this amazing product,  then just take a look and read about all the amazing benefits of this unique item.

(Just for clarity – I am not being paid or given any incentives to write about this company’s products)




When I have recommended Forever Aloe Vera Gel to some of my clients, they are completely and  positively shocked and amazed at the wonderful benefits they feel quite quickly. I literally believe that every single one of my clients, would actually receive these positive benefits if they were to start to take Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel.  I do not think it would be as effective if you try to buy a cheaper brand. I suspect that they will not give you the same benefits as Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel.


I now feel that I am comitted to taking Forever Aloe Vera Gel for the rest of my days. It always goes with me on my travels. It’s high on my list to help me stay healthy.  I start every morning, literally the first thing I do is take my Forever Aloe Vera Gel . Some people say they do not like the taste . I just drink it with the mindset of this small amount is making such a positive difference to the health of my body . It’s like someone finest champagne to me !!!!


Keep reading I will keep sharing .

Love and light

Mel Johnson xx