Mel Johnson – is “The Confidence”

When I was thinking of a name that might describe me and what I do in private one to one sessions with my clients, who come to me not as their hairdresser.  I found it incredibly hard to decide the best words to describe myself, my work or my profession. I really, really do not like the word counsellor, but am I a therapist, a life-coach or a healer? I suppose this question helps explain that when a person meets me outside  of work and asks me what I do for a job? I have always just said I’m a hairdresser, as it is self-explanatory.


Another reason that I have always responded that ” I am a hairdresser”, is because I know that if anyone mentions my other skills, without me having gained some sort of rapport with the person asking the question. Then I know that their minds could start playing games with them and they start to think  “What if she can read my mind”? or “She’s a bit weird!.


So perhaps I should tell you about myself and how I work, now that I have reached this stage in my life, approaching my 50th birthday, after my incredible 19 year journey of healing myself.


I know I write quite often about me having learnt about complete understanding, knowledge, empathy, wisdom, skills, trust, respect and strong intuition. I think it is important that in order for me to work with someone and give them confidence in their life, it has to be true that I can say “I have been there and worn the same  tee-shirt”. I think I have a unique gift, in being able to bring a sense of peace and balance to any obstacles and challenges that occur in life. I believe people come to me when they are ready to start heading in a new direction on their positive journey, whereas at the present time, things are a little tough in their lives.


So whether a client comes to me for a one to one, or to my trance relaxation classes, or when I am working behind the chair. I simply use the many skills in my toolbox, selecting from hair design, singing, health, well-being, Reiki, NLP,  clinical hypnosis, crystal healing, mindfulness or colour analysis. I put my tools together with lots of other skills learnt on the many, many courses and workshops I have attended over the years, (which believe me, there are just too  many to write down) and I work with my clients to guide them and most of all give them The Confidence to be themselves.


My own personal 19 year journey of healing myself, 33 years behind the chair, 50 years old this year. All of which significantly become the biggest tools in my box, sharing my inspirational journey with clients. How I have finally become me, Mel Johnson and finally being  proud to be me.


I do feel people want you to be real, to be genuine, honest about your own challenges and how you got through them. They feel more of a connection and even the strongest of females do not feel weak for admitting that there are times in her life, when she just needs help from another person (preferably me),  who can help her make sense of life around her.


So my working life is so fascinating and so so interesting. From working behind the chair creating beautiful hair with my amazing Paul Mitchell products. To helping someone decide what outfit to wear for special occasions. To clients needing help and advice to change careers. Clients needing advice on health and well-being. Class member or a person just needing some”me”time for relaxation, to find that inner peace. Clients needing support as they start in a new direction or begin a new chapter in their life.  Clients needing advice in how to find balance in work and family life. Clients just enjoying the experience of just being herself again. Everyday is different, challenging – but great!


I know myself everyone needs that confidence, I think this person is already heading for a higher vibration, which I always know, I will have in my own life’s  journey. I always get a great sense this person, believes in me and I implacably trust that they will always share their knowledge and wisdom with me. I am extremely fortunate and thankful for the amazing inspirational teachers that have been in my life and that are still present now.


So I hope this gives you a little understanding and some insight of who I am and how I work. Yes I am that person on that higher vibration to every one of my clients, class members, I am their Confidence and will be alongside them as they choose that positive life journey.


Believe me asking for help, guidance and support from a person on a higher vibration is not a sign of weakness, it Is a sign of great strength. I have learnt many lessons in my life to know this is true!


So looking forward to meeting, sharing  my knowledge and wisdom with everyone that comes into my world.


You are all incredible, I love to work with each and every one of you.

Love and light

Mel Johnson xx