My Powerful Healing Journey

If you read my blogs last December, you will know that I was totally focused on how I was going to have the best December of my career.  The challenge was and still is , keeping my mind calm and peaceful always in the present moment, making sure that I completely trusted the fact that the present moment is the only moment that truly exists.  You will also know that I have a strong belief that my life is mapped out in full.


So I will now share with my followers the mind-blowing challenge that faced me in the last few working days of the year,  which could have had a completely negative and life changing experience  – if I had let it!


Roughly four weeks before Christmas, due to the fact that I am incredibly in tune with my body, I found a lump in my left breast. When I felt this lump for the first time, being truthful and totally honest I felt physically sick. My mind then started to play games with me, the first word that came into my head was cancer. Followed quickly by, why is it happening now when I am so busy at work? It can’t be now as my clients all need me and want their hair beautiful for Christmas. Then my thoughts turned into, “I have not got time for anything like this as I am going away for a long Christmas and New Year holiday to celebrate my husband Richard’s 50th birthday.



Last year, it did feel as if  I was going through the final journey of healing myself, I knew deep down that the last healing was in my heart chakra.  I really do believe everything in life that detrimentally affects us either physically, mentally or spiritually, will if not healed, then manifest into a physical problem.  So I felt that this “lump” had been given to me for a reason, and I needed  to understand what it meant on a deeper level.


After all the first panicky thoughts, I am fortunate that I can take a step away and can then always look at everything on a deeper level.  I was determined, I had set myself a challenge to have a peaceful calm December and this negative force was not going to detrimentally affect my mind, that was for sure.


I was very grateful to my doctor’s surgery who got me an appointment with my Doctor straight away. She said she would refer me for breast screening and they will see me within two weeks. My first response was, but it is my busiest two weeks of the year, and I am going on holiday. My GP was correct an appointment was made, but it was literally the first day of my holiday and I would not be in the country. I would not let this ruin my family time and most importantly Richard’s 50th.


Then I was told I could have to make another appointment as soon I was back in the country. Which clearly meant there would be a delay as this would be after Christmas and the New Year break. In my own  mind I tend to think I  was given a choice “Mel sink or swim!”


Being the person I am, clearly there was no chance of sinking,  I was going to swim!!


I decided I needed to face whatever it might turn out to be as a positive lesson in my life.  I really felt I had to look at it why was I given this obstacle to overcome. I felt strongly I had to use the strength of my mind to heal and trust whatever I was faced with, and keep me on the journey I was meant to be experiencing.


I suppose looking back on this part of my journey this last eight weeks. I now realise that it gave me a chance to take a look at my life and consider what is important to me right now and what I can or should let go of.


I am convinced that healing was occurring in my heart chakra. Past detrimental relationships with people who had used my kindness, taken me for granted or were within childhood and family relationships. I feel I have healed 100% of  myself. I have forgiven and I have to let go of everyone that is detrimental to my life.


I am completely happy with who I am and love the people that are present in my life. I feel this journey really been really challenging at times, but I know now I have a strong positive mind , I feel this can now over ride any negative in my life .


So I believe I was given this time to put last piece of the jig saw together. I attended Castle Hill Breast Screening Unit for examination by the consultant, I had a mammogram and then the  ultra sound, only to be told the lump had gone!!


I thank Castle Hill for all the  amazing work they do there. I felt incredibly blessed, grateful and I send love and light to everyone who was sadly given the news they had cancer.  I did ask the universe everyday to help me positively get through this difficult time. I am a strong believer of what you put out to the universe, it will return back to you.


As you know, if you read these blog posts regularly. I do not start my day without saying positive affirmations. I feel so strongly I need to share my knowledge, wisdom and help others along their own inspirational journeys.  I feel it is so important to help others understand that training the mind to stay positive in the moment and trust that is the only moment that truly exists. I also believe that learning to keep your mind in a calm and peaceful state and so overcome any obstacles and challenges in life’s journey is the key to everything. I know I have helped many people and I have many more that need my help and guidance. As such I feel incredibly grateful I have been given my positive health back, so I can carry on doing this.


Remember the mind can heal the body, but the body cannot heal the mind. I feel so happy within, so blessed and completely grateful for my life. I will always, always from now on let no other person, obstacle, or challenge that life throws at me affect my strong, positive, calm and peaceful mind.


Remember no wealth can buy health. The material world will not give you happiness and contentment from within  Only you can make that positive change.


Love and light

Mel Johnson XXX

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    So pleased you are ok x

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