Feeling the excitement about Paul Mitchell UK’s first live-streamed Webucation

What a busy start to my year! There have been a tremendous amount of very exciting product launches in the Paul Mitchell world. I currently feel that I am on high speed train, but I must make sure that I do not to miss any of the wonderful journey, as I want to experience the whole thing. Plus I need to make sure I add to my product knowledge as these exciting new products become available in the UK.

Noogie Thai


Richard and I were extremely grateful to Paul Mitchell UK, Salon Success who kindly sent a VIP invitation to the product launch of the new INVISABLEWEAR product launch, for us to meet the incredibly inspirational Noogie Thai.




Sadly due to our incredibly busy work commitments, this time around we felt that unfortunately, we could not take the time out of the business to be there. We both felt quite low and were very disappointed that we could not attend, but then out of this negative feeling – we were given a positive boost,as we received yet another invite from Paul Mitchell UK.



We both felt incredibly fortunate and appreciated the fact that we were invited to participate in the first live-streamed, UK Webucation with the very special guest Noogie Thai. This meant that Richard and I could take some time out of one of our precious Sundays and we could interact with other professionals.

As a couple we do try to make a point of always trying to dedicate our Sundays to family life. But we both felt strongly that by joining this virtual session, we would both hugely benefit both of us in our hairdressing work, so just this once we did just do that. It was great to be able to feel a connection with everyone from the Paul Mitchell world. As a result I am extremely excited by the positive experiences that we gained from being involved in this virtual session.


Thank you to everyone from Paul Mitchell UK, Salon Success,  you are doing an amazing job.  Keep the invites coming,  Richard and I are very grateful to be included in your plans.


There are definitely more exciting times ahead in the Paul Mitchell world and I will no doubt be sharing them with you in the future through this blog.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx