Very excited by my latest acquisition – my NEURO HALO Straighteners says Mel Johnson

How truly incredibly fortunate am I to be using one of the first pairs of NEURO HALO hair straighteners that Paul Mitchell,  in partnership with a renowned industrial designer and visionary Karim Rashid have pioneered.


They are completely mind-blowing, the design and technology of this new tool. So much so that I felt a strong need to write a blog post, so that I could share my absolute amazement and excitement in how something like a pair of hair straighteners can be taken to another higher level of performance. I really do appreciate the effort and thought that’s gone into the design which in turn makes our live’s easier

styling hair.





Please remember that even though these new electricals are so great. I would still only recommend Paul Mitchell NEURO HALO Hair Straighteners when used with Paul Mitchell heat protection products. Personally,  I would 100% recommend NEURO Liquid Products, NEURO STYLE PROTECT is absolutely essential.



As you probably know I just love having a new tool in my box, keeping me creative, positive and happy, behind the chair. So perhaps you too could try some of these tools too?



Love and light
Mel Johnson xx