Taking life seriously. No not for me not in my world!

I do feel by living each day in the moment I have learnt to take life as it comes. I do feel I no longer, put added pressure on myself.  I accept the past has gone and the future has not yet arrived. I trust and believe that by taking a happy, fun, relaxed and positive approach to life, I have an incredibly young spirit and I am not afraid to laugh at myself.  I will not allow anyone to make me feel suffocated by their negativity or by their serious and heavy approach to their own life.


I feel strongly, that I am continuously learning  about dealing with situations  and now I try to  approach every experience, with an energy of fun, feeling my young spirit with a relaxed mind, a  happy outlook and most importantly a positive approach.


My mind, body then absorbs and processes this teaching incredibly easily and the learning becomes positively permanent in my mind. I feel no tension or negativity in my aura, body and mind. If I am in a room where everyone is taking the experience so seriously, it makes my mind become agitated and my body becomes tense and negative energy surrounds me. I feel I am not in the present moment in this situation.



How I deal with this type of scenario is to take steps to shake the negative off me. How do I do this?  I react as positively as I can and I often feel the incredible urge to laugh, bring light into my energy and the room. When I am in a very serious situation my mind always rewinds the tape back to a convention I attended years ago when one of the guest speakers was a laughing therapist. I will never forget this positive experience and how she made a massive impact on me.


No matter how serious life is, I do try to stay in the moment calmly and  peacefully.  I will always face it with the light of positivity and not ever being afraid to laugh. I will always bring some  type of humour to the serious side of me.

People may think I am disrespectful in the fact I don’t take life seriously, they are completely, completely wrong.  I am the most respectful, hardworking, dedicated, disciplined, reliable and I hope considered to be a trustworthy person. I just approach my life differently to a person who is living in their own serious world.


My life’s been incredibly tough at times, but it’s easier for me now that I enjoy the moment and don’t take life to seriously. No mater how old you are, what life challenges you are having to face, just throw some love and light (and laughter) at it and see what bounces back.

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking, maybe I should literally go around tickling some people in the hope I could make them laugh out loud. How funny would that be?



Love and light

Mel Johnson xx