Want to celebrate your special birthday? Why not, says Mel Johnson!

Recently, I have been getting asked lots of times, how am I going to celebrate my  special birthday later this year, when I will become 50!


I was recently listening to a conversation, whilst I was away from work. All within the group realised during the conversation, that all would be going to reach 50 in 2019, a new decade in their live’s. It was incredibly interesting to observe how each person, responded to this fact. I know, it fascinates me how a person

responds to age, I just sat quietly listening to their conversation.



It is so interesting how age, a special birthday, can be so detrimental and negative for a person. Maybe they feel they get to a certain age and life stops. They seem to get fixated about a certain age and how it relates to them.


I experience a grey cloud around these people, and feel that they feel that their life is like walking through treacle and they fear the end is near. This type of reaction is not the conversation I like to hear, or feel this type of energy around me, such negativity.




These are often those people who say


I am not celebrating


They often say

I am never having another birthday



They say ‘I am not telling you, when my birthday is!”


This reaction makes me feel, if only you could give your life to someone today, who was just about to take their last breath and they were fighting to stay on this earth. I am 100% sure they would grab the chance to celebrate your birthday and to take hold of your life and enjoy every last-minute of it.

It is so incredibly uplifting on a personal level, to hear when a person is so excited about planning  a special holiday, or even their special birthday. Which when talking about their holiday, always sounds like fun,  I feel such positive energy from this . People also love to plan lots of exciting positive experiences, in the year of their birthday. This for them is incredibly positive and uplifting for their mind, body and spirit. I just love to the hear the person that has a new fitness challenges.


I find all of this very inspiring, because personally every year that goes by in my life, I still strive to become fitter stronger mentally, physically. I do feel it is so incredibly important in the journey of life and as a part of the ageing process .


So if you live in my world, you will know that personally I am incredibly happy to be going to reach  50 years of age this year.


I do love the energy of a celebration. But I feel that the energy you feel, comes from within.  I wake up every morning so incredibly grateful,  contented and thankful for my life . I love the person I have become with age, I feel I can now share my knowledge and wisdom of age .  I always strive to stay in the moment and face challenges, obstacles peacefully and calmly , which I have learnt with age, in the last 19 years .


I trust and believe my life is mapped out for me . So to me life is a celebration  in every precious moment. I can feel that energy within me. I honestly don’t need material object  or fancy holidays to experience this .


Remember you only stop ageing with your last breath . Until then for me I am making the most of every precious moment in a positive way .


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx