Train the body! So why not train the mind?

Some times in my life I feel I am a just like a broken record playing repeatedly. But currently I feel, a sense of a achievement, at long last I seem to have had a breakthrough and made quite a few  people realise that it is so important to positively train the subconscious mind. Lots of people are now listening, following  and seem genuinely interested in my 19 year journey to train my mind.



We are for example, now in January, so people are following certain themes for this time of the year, like dry January, vegan January or they have started new fitness and health related schemes often including new diets. I think it would be good if people started to understand that what they are doing is training their mind to not, for example, drink alcohol in January.


Interestingly statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 people will fail all challenges by February. I firmly believe that this is because their mind was not in a positive mindset at the start of their particular challenge.


I really feel people do not understand the importance of a healthy mind. Personally I think it is your subconscious mind that controls your thoughts and actions. Personal, positive challenges will not be successfully completed without a healthy mindset.  When our mind is trained to be positive and healthy, life challenges and obstacles become so much easier.


So invest in your mind to become healthy and strong in 2019. The mind can heal the body, the body can not heal the mind.  Honestly, truthfully with a healthy mind your personal challenges of becoming fitter and  healthier in 2019, will become more enjoyable, rewarding and most importantly successful.


Learn to let go off the negativity and anything that no longer serves your higher good. Positivity, is the key to a healthy strong mind. Make 2019 your year to positively train your mind.





Step into my world.  I can, honestly, truthfully feel, that by successfully training my mind,I am making an on-going investment into my personal well-being.


My life is more positive, obstacles and challenges are approached peacefully and calmly. Life to me is just so much easier.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx