My Clear Vision

I cannot remember whether in any of my previous blogs which I have written about myself, about the fact that I sometimes experience seeing clear visions of what I can only describe as a moment of the future.


In my younger years, I would never have had the confidence to share these visions with anyone. But I now believe in myself and the things I see. I strongly trust my intuition, gut feelings and in these clear visions.  I feel this fact helps me keep strongly grounded in a particular moment  and  trust that my life is mapped out for me and that I should go with all the challenges and obstacles that occur.


I will share with you about a vision I had. I was in a room with mirror there was a tan-coloured ballet barre going round the middle of the mirrors. I told my husband Richard about it and explained that I did not think that the vision was in this country.  I think it is to do with my yoga journey.  As you know since October last year, I have being building my strength and fitness ready for my challenge of completing a full handstand for my 50th birthday.


My husband Richard has just recently celebrated his 50th  birthday. We went on a cruise to celebrate this special life event, It was so well deserved and it was just lovely that he enjoyed every moment. Yet again, I realised, he is the most contented person and one of the happiest I know, he rarely sees the negative in anything. So the cruise was just another happy event in his life. He said it was his best birthday and New Year’s Eve ever, which in turn, made me feel incredibly happy for him


The reason for telling you this detail was because the vision I saw of the room with the mirrors and ballet barres happened whilst I was on the cruise. It came to me on the third day whilst I was visiting the gym. It arrived just like a flash of lightning.


I was very fortunate to watch, the beautiful sunrise each morning whilst exercising in the gym. It really was a truly breathtaking experience. But even now I am left still wondering, where was I doing my yoga practice each morning? Clearly it was in a room with mirrors which had a tan-coloured wooden ballet barre running around right around the room. It really was a clear vision,and I felt that my inner strength grew in that room in a very positive way.


The cruise ship’s fitness studio helped me very positively let go of 2018 and welcome 2019 with added strengths, mentally physically and spiritually. I am hoping that these will help me succeed in whatever challenges, obstacles  that occur in 2019  and approach them with a calm, peaceful and positive mind.


So the clear vision was a positive moment in my life. I fee; so incredibly grateful that I could enjoy each moment.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx