Should a client be a friend?

Within my work and the journey though my career, I have always felt that the relationship which develops between my client and myself is always a very special one. But I think it is important for me to always remember that my role is being an professional hairdresser, not as a friend. I feel my professional role is to be the person who loves and cares for clients’ hair, I am the a hairdresser who is completely loyal and all my clients know they can trust me 100% and I always strive to make a positive impact on their every visit to my salon


Looking back, I realise, I learned lessons from seeing that in some salons where I worked, other stylists made big mistakes allowing clients to become their friends. This often meant that clients took complete advantage of them, and resulted in embarrassing situations where the client starts to think that because they are friends, they expect their hair appointments are free or for a much cheaper rate.  They expected their hair to be styled out of working hours. These hairdressers then always showed resentment to these clients. I am sure they felt so undervalued and taken advantage of. These so-called friendships never lasted long and the stylist in question, always ended up losing a client. I always think this is so sad, as realistically, the client originally came to that particular salon because they needed/wanted a professional hairdresser.


During my 33 year career, I can share with you now that last year I did something that I have never done before.  I made a friend from a client. To me my intuition and gut feeling, which I completely trust, was telling me something about this client was really very different. I have known this client for 12 years and she has attended my class for over 2 years.  This really was a huge thing for me to do as I totally value and respect her and family as my clients. We are the same age and we share the same interests. She was the person who encouraged me to start Iyengar Yoga 4 years ago and I truly thank her for this.


At the beginning of 2018, i decided i was going to explore Iyengar Yoga on a deeper level, this journey just brought us closer together, I felt I encouraged her, which was my way of giving back, (karma to me)which helped her move forward with her yoga practice. I feel looking back at this journey, we have had together in 2018, was an incredible journey. It made me realise what a truly special person she was and I really consider her as a very dear friend.  I feel we shared a joint experience with was incredibly positive and had healing  properties. It is a journey which is helping us to understand ourselves on a much deeper level. Which has strongly helped us overcome any obstacles or challenges we have had in 2018. Practicing Iyengar Yoga on an intermediate level, is mentally, physically, spiritually very powerful. So it as been much easier to understand the experience, when you have got another person to talk to, who understands and one who you completely trust.


We are both so grateful and are incredibly fortunate to have the most amazing Iyengar Yoga teacher Christine Rumley. Christine is so inspirational and we are both so incredibly proud of her commitment to her senior training.  I know truly she enjoys teaching both of us, partly perhaps, because of the true commitment and dedication we have both put into our practice last year. A  heartfelt thank you to Christine and we are so looking forward to being on her Iyengar journey in the year 2019. I also love being her hairdresser because she has always got lovely hair. She always looks amazing,  radiates light, which I feel is a great representation of Iyengar yoga – ie healthy in mind, body and spirit.


I always feel writing a blog comes about after a chain of events.  I came to writing this blog because of the beautiful Christmas gift my friend gave me. I felt this gift was given from the heart. It is a very special picture, one that reflects what she sees and feels truthfully in me.  My first experience looking at the picture, I feel it is a picture of me in my Trance Relaxation Class because I always sit exactly like that. This is when I am totally relaxed and I feel I am myself, not holding back in any way. When I looked at it I got very emotional to think that is truly who I am, It has taken me many years to allow myself to be Mel Johnson who radiates, love and light. I will  always do this, no matter what challenges or obstacles that come into my life.  I will face them with a calm, peaceful and positive mind. Always sprinkling glittery sparkle along my pathway in life and  always leaving a positive impact.


To my very special friend and yoga buddy. The picture will take special place in my pink room. Looking forward to 2019 growing stronger, mentally, physically and spiritually.


Thank you for being you.


Love and light

Mel Johnson  XXX



Love and light

Mel Johnson xx