My world in 2018

For the last few days I have felt the need to write a blog in which I would reflect back on 2018, which has been an amazing year for me mentally, spiritually and physically.



I have kept coming back to the idea of writing this blog, all the time thinking, what should I write about? This was a hard question, as I know that you have all read about my 2018 experiences in my previous blog posts.  So I set myself a challenge in trying to ask myself –  what has made life so different for me in 2018 to any other year?



If I really sit down think about each year of my life, I have to admit that there have always been both negative and positive events during each year. But I realise that when I looked back over previous years, I would naturally focus on the negative events, which in turn would make me feel that the year as a whole had been a negative one. It is almost as if my mind would wipe out any positive event and make me feel negative. I now think I have finally learnt to stop doing this, so I no longer allow my mind to do focus on negativity, but have to admit it really has been a 19 year journey.




I feel what was so different in 2018 was that  I had a huge awakening, like I turned on the light , I realised that I am  meant to be in this present moment. I realised that this is really the only moment that truly exists. I strongly believe and accept that my life is already mapped out for me and that I am so fortunate to now understand this and appreciate the present moment.  I trust and believe that this truly keeps my mind focused and encourages me to approach my life, any challenges or obstacles that occur in the moment, with much more positivity.


I have enjoyed my 2018, the lessons it has taught me, both the negative and positive. I always let go of anything that no longer serves my higher good. I feel by focusing my mind on the moment, I am more creative behind the chair, I really have had the best year in my career and  loved every minute. I have faith and believe that the people on my journey of life are meant to be there with me in that moment, whether this is to be positive or negative experience.


As we start a New Year, 2019, I feel content, happy, calm and peaceful. I do feel now I show no resentment to others because I strongly accept, this is my life and I am leading it  exactly how it is meant to be in every precious minute.



I feel  in 2019 I will be able to  share my knowledge and wisdom with everyone who meets me, or reads my blog and I know everyone will feel my positive energy from this and I will make that positive difference in that moment. I still think that in the next year (2019) I will grow stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. Always strongly connected to the most powerful energies in the universe love and light.


Happy New Year 2019 to you all, learn to stay in the moment and trust it is the only moment that truly exists. 2019 is your year believe and trust in that.








Love and light

Mel Johnson xx