Happy Christmas

I wanted to share my biggest sense of achievement that I have felt in all the years I have worked throughout my hairdressing career. I have had the best time behind the chair preparing every client’s hair ready for Christmas. I had said to myself at the end of November that I was not going to let the December, Christmas madness affect my mind, body or spirit. I was actually going to enjoy the moment and I would try to stay in the present moment with a calm and peaceful mind.


I am not saying it’s been easy, but I strongly feel our salon, the Color Bridlington, was the most relaxed salon in the UK. I worked really hard to keep the energy in the salon cleansed of any negative energies. So when my client walked in, they instantly felt a relaxing calm environment. I  approached any issues I came across, when juggling clients appointments, with a feeling of the issue not being a problem, but more like –  “I will make it happen for them”.


I strongly feel when you tell your mind that you are going to stay in the moment, not dwell in the past, or be in the future. Simply try to focus on the fact that the present moment as it is really the only moment that truly exists. I think all of this helps me so much and as I feel my life is already mapped out, I strongly believe I am meant to be where I am in that very second. I do think when I look back, it was a powerful force which has worked for me to stay in the moment. It has just been incredible how much,  I have so enjoyed my work so much more this Christmas.


I honestly truthfully feel I have been so much more creative and I know I have received so much more job satisfaction. I realise that I am being much more proactive, by doing this  and I have so much more energy. Hand on heart, I  can say I have not once felt drained of energy in December.


I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas. Thank you to all my clients and class members for being in my life, I love you all.  I felt a beautiful overwhelming heartfelt feeling from  all the beautiful gifts, cards, emails and  messages that I  received from my wonderful clients and class members, much appreciated, thank you all.


My message to all the hairdressers in the world, you have done an amazing job behind the chair this year. Well done to you all. Sending my love, gratitude to everyone in the hairdressing industry and especially everyone at Salon Success UK, the people’s choice.


If you have not shown your gratitude to your hairdresser do think about dropping them a card, an email or a simple message and show them  your appreciation, because without them you wouldn’t have beautiful hair this Christmas.


Remember for Christmas 2018 stay in the present moment it’s the only moment that truly exists.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx