Mel Johnson is totally in love with NEURO LIQUIDS from the Paul Mitchell Range

Well I have made it so far, here I am at the end of week two of my challenge to have the best December ever.

Personally I feel I need to share the fact that I have had a significant obstacle to challenge my mind during this fortnight.  I will share my experience and will write about the event in the new year. But I can tell you now that I feel immensely proud of how I reacted.

My journey over the last 19 years, keeping myself focused on training my mind, to stay calm and be relaxed in the present moment really helped me. As well as completely trusting the fact that my life is actually how it is meant to be at this moment in time, which I know realistically, is the only moment that truly exists. I feel a strong happiness and inner contentment within me and nothing will disturb that peace. It will only give healing, love and light to any negativity in my life.

Let me share with you, why I am completely having the best time behind the chair this December whilst styling hair.

Hand on heart I can honestly say I am doing the best styling ever, I am looking at my work and being completely amazed by what I see. I am achieving the best results with finished hair, whether hair is smooth, curled or lifted with fullness.  I am completely in love with the Paul Mitchell NEURO LIQUID product range.



This set of products, completely and I mean completely, will give you guilt-free styling as they give protection to the hair from heat . When working behind the chair,  the second most important decision after the choice of which shampoo, conditioner and treatment to use, is always to select a heat protection product.


I am completely ecstatic about this full range of intelligent styling products, which protect the hair from heat damage, just how amazing is that?  The feedback I am getting to my work is just incredible.  The NEURO LIQUID products are complemented by the NEURO Electricals  and the NEURO brushes. All of these I use daily on every client and myself,  I am so thrilled with the results.



I do believe as a hairdresser who wishes to keep her clients in her chair for many years,  you have to believe that you can always improve their hair. You will have read my previous blogs on how I do this. I love observing hair from a deeper level, and am always trying to improve my work , it really does stop the boredom. I believe you can only do this by moving forward with the correct professional hair care colours, styling products, electrical equipment and styling tools. I am very fortunate to have been using Paul Mitchell products for 20 years, I know they have  helped so much keeping me happy behind the chair whilst  creating beautiful hair.


I won’t go on about the science behind the NEURO LIQUID products. Personally as a hairdresser, I am only really interested in the fact they are not tested on animals and after that they deliver the goods!!!!


Everyone who knows me will tell you that I only work with honesty. I completely try all products personally, and I try them  on all hair types. Only then will I start to formulate my opinions on them. Well,


John Paul Mitchell Systems, hand on heart I am truly blown away with the NEURO LIQUID products. I really urge the company to keep up the good work remaining as the driving force in the hairdressing industry. God willing I have got many more years working behind the chair  creating beautiful hair with relaxation using.


I think I  am very fortunate to be feeling the love, appreciation and gratitude by the 2nd week of December.


To all hairdressers out there in the world, you are amazing and doing fantastic work this December,  keep smiling. Please show love, gratitude, appreciation to your hairdresser they do their best and sacrifice so much within their own live’s to be behind the chair in December.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx