My Final Challenge of 2018

Well we are in our final month of the year 2018. What a fantastic year I have had so far. It really has  been an amazing year mentally, physically and spiritually. I can honestly say, hand on heart it has been the best year of my career, so far!


I finally feel, I am free to be Mel Johnson and I actually really love being her.  I now feel a sense of happiness within me and love the fact that I have with a calm, peaceful and relaxed mind. I am truly content at being who I am. 


What is my challenge for December? Well, when I look back on my working life as a hairdresser, I realise that December has often been completely manic. If I am honest with myself, I can really admit to having had some really nightmarish Decembers. I was completely over-worked in crazily busy salons. But as I have been reflecting and thinking deeply about my career, I know that because I have always loved hairdressing, that although the days were very busy, I did not really find it to be a big challenge, I just got on with it. But I do know, that it is often the people who have been around me, that have sometimes had a negative effect on my mind in such busy periods of my life.


I believe strongly that your mind totally controls your life in every single second of your day. My challenge will always be, to train my mind to be focus on that positive mindset. This can be an incredibly tough challenge at times especially when you are so rushed off your feet, you do not always have time to think.  So I do know that this December will be my toughest challenge, that I have ever done. I am determined to be able to finish December 2018, by  saying this has been my best ever December and that I have loved every minute of it!


I am determined that my mindset will stay completely with the real Mel Johnson, who although like everyone, I do have some negative aspects going on in my life. I will face life’s challenges with positivity and will not let any circumstances this December, affect my inner peace.


I will always stay connected to the universal energies of love and light. I am determined that whilst I am working behind the chair with my clients or with people who I meet, or with my family and friends, all will feel and experience my positive energy. This will then help them positively on their own journeys through life. Even if it is only for the short time whilst they are with me. I genuinely believe I can make a positive impact on their experience with me.


So the first week of December is coming to an end. I do feel I have been completely challenged. I am starting to feel the negative atmosphere of Christmas around me. I have had to work really hard to create peace within my own mind. Everything is much harder work in December in hairdressing salons, as we hairdressers also have the difficulty of managing not only our clients needs, but also our own personal lives as we try to get ready for Christmas in the same way as our clients.


Everyone, clients, friends and family have so much more going on her their lives, taking them out of their own routines. This can really unsettle people, as I think most people do like some sort of routines in their lives.


I feel as a hairdresser you have to juggle appointments to please all your clients, and you really do have lots of extras to do, to give clients a pleasant experience in a relaxed salon, especially in busy December.





So I feel that in the first week of December I have really enjoyed creating beautiful hair, I have really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere in the salon that I have created. Most importantly for  me, I have made time to practice Iyengar yoga and I have created time and space for my family and  I have not let any negativity, affect me at all.    


Before I finish writing , I will share something so funny, but I really didn’t realise until this week what an amazing tool I have in my toolbox. Within my relaxation class I have always used the words

Just let it go


to ease tension or negativity. A lady that attends my class said to me you need to dress up as Elsa from the Disney film on our last class before Christmas. Well it go me thinking and all week it’s been such a positive thing in my mind that now I just sing


Let it go, let it go .   


They are such powerful positive words, so I must thank my lady for bringing it to my attention and I am grateful that these words have had such a positive effect on her.  I will carry on the challenge enjoying the present moment, remember, it is the only moment that truly exists.

I will LET GO of anything that does not serve me in a positive way.


Keep smiling, you are truly amazing all hairdressers world-wide!


Love and light

Mel Johnson XXX