A material world does not bring me a inner contentment.

Looking back on my 19 year journey, after setting myself a challenge to remain healthy, happy and creative behind the chair. I realise that achieving this, is really all to do with my mind being calm, peaceful and being in a positive place.


When I look back on my early years in the hairdressing industry, I sometimes wonder if my choice of career to become a hairdresser was really the right job for me. It always felt hectic, fast and like a production line. The salons I worked and trained in were not relaxed environments. The radio was always blasting out with its loud music and depressing news. Everyone always seem to be in a hurry and there was always a strong feeling of chaos around me.


For many years I felt I was caught up by this fast way of life, never questioning it, thinking it was good to be so busy!  If I now think about how many clients I saw in a single day which was probably on average 18. This fact alone makes my mind spin even now, immediately taking me back to those feelings of anxiety and fear of being “out of control”.





In those days, I can now admit to myself that I was also drawn to the material world, as I respected and looked up to those people who had possessions and luxurious lifestyles. I thought these people were happy and contented, but I suppose I was always fortunate to have had such immense ambitions for both myself and our salons, which in turn made me quite driven. But I did really feel it was the material world that gave these people their inner contentment and I think I was constantly searching for the same.


Fortunately although I can say that although I have seen so much jealousy, I have never experienced or felt this energy in my life.  I can honestly say hand on heart there is no one I have ever met or seen in my life, that I would want to live their life.

I can proudly say, I live my own life every day and I am extremely grateful for that fact.  I think people who experience this jealous energy never possess self-ambition or drive. They have never achieved anything themselves and often this is because they have wasted their energy being jealous and not focussing on their own  lives. They always seem to be jealous of someone or something, but if only they had used that energy and turned it into positive feelings, then how different their lives would have been.


So I can honestly say that I am no longer inspired by the material world. I respect, admire and look up to people who have that inner contentment. I love people around me who are present in the moment with a calm and peaceful mind. I love to hear their journey of how they help people, animals and they are making a positive difference to this world. I love to talk with them about  how they try to remain healthy and what they do to



achieve this .



I am not saying, of course, that  I don’t like to buy a new dress or material possessions, of course I do. But what I know now, is that a material possession will not bring me that peace, calmness and contentment within my mind. I used to think it did, but  I suppose it was simply an excited feeling that lasted for seconds and then faded quickly away.

I do feel at this very present moment that I genuinely love being a hairdresser.  I am so incredibly fortunate our salon now represents both Richard and I. The salon has a feeling of contentment, happiness and is peaceful and calm. I am so thankful for all the tools in my box and the  positive people that come in to my life.


All my life experiences that keep me on the positive path to that peaceful, healthy, contented body and mind. God willing, all of this will keep me behind the chair as that inspirational hairdresser for many more years to come . Believe me


No wealth can buy good health, when your on that final journey to end of your life.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx