Always try to treat everyone as your favourite person

I really do think that I have the ability of making everyone who comes to my salon feel that they are extremely special to me, whether this is a “gift” or not I am not sure. But I do know that my clients tell me that they experience trust, empathy, compassion and I think that we build up a loyalty which works both ways. This really does makes my clients feel, that they are the most important person at that moment and they know that I thoroughly enjoy making sure I take care of them as I work behind the chair.



When I look back on my younger life, I realise that I had many negative experiences where I was not made to feel like a special person. But I really do feel these negative experiences, have made me the positive person I am today. The message that I have taken and learnt from my past, is to show everyone I meet, whether rich, poor, young or old, that I will make their experience with me behind the chair a positive one. Because all my clients, are my favourite clients.


I suppose the biggest impact that has made me the person I am today was, one of earliest memories when I remember how some of my school teachers made me feel. I know you will have read in my previous blogs that I have met some inspirational teachers throughout my life. These people have made a massively positive impact on me,  by taking away the negativity and the impact made on me in my younger life by non-inspirational teaching.




Looking back, I think the huge mistake that some of my earlier teachers made, was not making their pupils feel special. I can say quite honestly, that having had some teachers like that, my own confidence and abilities were destroyed and they did not allow me to be the person I truly felt I was.  Luckily for me, I learnt a positive lesson from these behaviours and hope never to practice them myself. I now feel the gift of being a positive hairdresser is to make every client feel special and to be our favourite people during their time in our salons.


My experience when I was younger showed me, it was detrimental to the whole class when a  teacher made the cleverest child their favourite. I was never academic,  so never became, a favourite to these negative teachers. I watched children in my class then became destructive, just to try to gain attention from the teacher. Even then as a pupil, I realised this caused such an atmosphere in the classroom.  When I then experienced a teacher shouting to gain control and showing what seemed to be resentment (and even hatred) to the destructive children, I was upset by it all but felt helpless in the situation.

I felt the destructive children simply wanted the teacher to make them feel special and bring out their own unique gifts.  I strongly believe everyone as a unique quality,  I myself was an extremely sensitive child and I was totally ignored. I then became withdrawn because of the negative energy which had been created by such negative teachers.


All of these things  resulted in me not wanting to attend school  because I was highly sensitive to noise and the negativity found in my environment.  I loved the safe surroundings of home and now I am older I feel strongly that the teachers should have all created a safe and positive atmosphere in their classrooms.

So I know I am fortunate to have learnt from having witnessed the negative teachers in action, that no matter who you are,  you deserve respect, empathy, compassion, understanding, confidence, trust, kindness and loyalty.



I find it so fascinatingly interesting writing about myself,  because it’s amazing what impact people have on your journey throughout life . This can greatly affect your life and  what chosen path you finally decide to take . I feel incredibly grateful I have so many favourite and special people in my life.

Love and light

Mel Johnson