Investing in yourself is easy to say – harder to do. But worth it says Mel Johnson.

I really feel so excited and have a strong sense of accomplishment. Over the last few weeks I have strongly felt that decision I made to invest in myself, to positively invest in myself is paying off and it feels like I have received an award for this incredible journey, keeping myself healthy and to remain creative behind the chair. I believe 19 years later that it is all coming to fruition and shows in my daily work in my salon, teaching my classes or practicing my yoga. 

2019 will see me celebrating being 50, which I am incredibly proud of. I dislike the word old and I try not to allow anyone to describe themselves or their experiences as being old. I have positively invested in myself to feel and experience a healthy mind, body and spirit which makes me feel incredibly youthful and certainly not old in anyway.


I believe by investing in my health, everyone around me has also seen the benefits. I show no resentment to others, I have 100% more physical energy. I deal with life challenges with calmness and peace.



Please don’t make excuses you have not got time to invest in yourself, it’s like a record that repeatedly gets stuck. Repeat repeat!




I often hear such things as

I work full-time and my youngest child is 8 years old .


Believe me if you invest in yourself it will have a major positive impact on your life .


To all hairdressers out of there in the world. I am saying from the heart, it is crucial to your own journey,  please take time to invest in yourself, your mind, body. spirit and you will healthy and  work creatively behind your chair. You will not regret it if you do. It takes time, it is not something that happens over night. I was 31 when I made the change  and am now nearly 50. But am really  excited by seeing the huge positive impact which I have gained in role behind the chair.


I do hope by sharing my journey I will inspire you to invest in yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.








Love and Light

Mel Johnson XXX