I listening to my intuition – do you listen to yours?

Looking back on my life, I know now, that  I have always had very strong intuition.


Do you know what having strong intuition feels like?  This is perhaps a question you do not really know the answer to. I believe in my case that it is learning from within.



When we are young we are not taught to listen to our inner voice, which is often referred to as our gut feeling. By believing and trusting in this inner guidance it really does become stronger. You will eventually learn to trust yourself and avoid going against your inner judgment . You will never be talked into something that doesn’t serve you positively.


I  know I have very strong intuition, I am also very highly kinaesthetic. (which really means learning by doing), I strongly feel the experience. This enables me to feel a negative or positive experience. This as taken many years to understand myself on this deeper level.


The more I trust in my inner guidance I know that my  life becomes more positive. By trusting in my intuition I feel it can protect me from situations that would be negative experience to me. At times, I also use my inner guidance to stop me reacting to those who I know are lying, or being deceitful, feeling jealous or show signs of having an angry energy or even a person who shows resentment and negativity. I have learnt to let go of people and situations if they might have a negative effect on me directly, as I feel strongly that I have the ability to understand the behaviours of others.



When working behind the chair I trust my inner guidance to tell me when a client needs a new hairstyle or colour. My intuition tells me if a client needs me to share my knowledge and wisdom with them to make a positive change in their lives. I always trust my intuition when deciding whether to take on a new client .   



Start to listen to your own inner guidance, your gut feeling and how it feels in your heart. It literally took me years to understand if my mind was racing, if the experience didn’t feel right inside, it was the wrong decision and the time just was not right to act. It is quite funny because my husband gets more peace now because I now go with my inner guidance, because I used to be constantly asking him, whether or not he thought I was making the right decision or making the right choice.


He always use to say to me




Why you asking me Mel? “

You know the answer!

What a wise man he is!

Of course I knew the answer, my intuition was telling me all along.


If I listen and act on the  the guidance coming from within, my mind is always more settled and relaxed.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx