Mind and Body Strength!

I have often written about my continuous journey and how I try to remain happy, healthy and creative whilst I work behind the chair.

I want to tell you that earlier on in the year, I felt strongly that I was being guided to train my mind and particularly my body to become stronger. I felt this was  because the older you become working behind the chair,  the more mentally and physically tiring it can be.


It was a fascinating experience, when in June I trained with a senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Uday Bhosale. It was so interesting, because he started as I did in martial arts before he started to study  yoga.  In the past I have always received training in martial arts by male teachers, but this was to be my first time experiencing being trained by a male yoga instructor.


Uday really did impress upon me the importance of becoming mentally and physically stronger.  I felt that in his energy. I was extremely grateful to have experienced such an awakening from such a  high vibrational energy and I soon realised I was on the right path.


Since June, I have worked extremely hard to become stronger and  I am really enjoying the Iyengar Yoga Intermediate Class each week. This is where I can really work on a deeper level to understand my body and mind. Which in  turn will help me bring it into my own practice and my work behind the chair.


I feel all of this learning and guidance since attending the higher level class in June, means that I now know I need to work on my arm strength. I was fascinated to learn that by building up arm strength you can experience a sense of strength in your mind.


So for the last three weeks I have joined a local gym to help me become stronger in my arms! I feel this already is giving me more strength in my mind. I am absolutely amazed about how I feel working behind the chair.


I am so incredibly proud of myself and my drive to overcome any difficulties. I really can  experience things  positively in my work, which is, as you can imagine,  truly fulfilling.


Hairdressing can be mentally and physically exhausting. I urge all other hair professionals to  learn to invest in their minds and bodies. Anyone who does so, will not regret it, as they will remain, happy, healthy and creative.and being the successful, inspirational hairdresser that you already are, for many years to come.


Love and light

Mel Jonson xx