Something new to think about, when thinking about your hips!!

You  will all probably know by now, that I study Iyengar Yoga and that I strongly believe this helps me stay healthy, happy and creative as I work behind the chair.


In my Intermediate class this week, with my yoga teacher Christine Rumley, we were practicing  Hip-openers, for the safe practice, warmup for the final asana, (pose), padmasana, (lotus).

I really enjoy my intermediate level training because I am now training at a much deeper level, involving my mind, body and spiritually. You really get to know about all your strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of your mind and body, many of which you were not even aware of and in areas that you had never realised or thought of before. I for one, certainly realise now, that 33 years in hairdressing has effected me emotionally but also physically.


As I  discover these things about myself and my body, I find it all very interesting and think it is beneficial to me as I continue on my life’s journey, continuing my healing process and try to fully understand myself. I work constantly to improve myself, my mind, my body and try to live a happy and healthy life.


As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I like to learn something new every day.  I try very hard not to watch television, I do a lot of reading. I always like to research about the different asanas (pose) I am learning. I also enjoy reading about the parts and functions of the area of the body, which we are focusing on, during my yoga practice.



This week we focussed on the hips, we practiced  asanas called hip-openers. I decided to read about the importance of the hip-joint. It has definitely made me feel I really need to work harder and learn to look after my hips. I feel my most fascinating fact I read was that emotionally we hold on to things on our hips, and how by using hip opening poses we can release trapped emotions.



I was interested to read that any major or small events of fear, sadness and anxiety are often emotionally stored in the hips. So, releasing this emotional energy by using the healing power of the asana, becomes very important. This has explained to me, why I have strongly have always felt since practising hip openers, that I have experienced a positively amazing feeling, releasing what felt like a mix of trapped negative emotions, that I must have been holding onto in my hips throughout my journey in life.

Like I have said in my previous blogs, I train with an extremely, highly qualified and experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher, who is strict on body alignment. Christine teaches me to do asanas correctly so that I will not cause injury to myself. I only recommend practicing hip-openers with a qualified professional Iyengar Yoga teacher. Which I am sure there will be one in your local area, check out on the official website.


Love and light
Mel Johnson xx

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  1. Nicola Saul says:

    This is so interesting. Thank you. I have hip problems that I suffer painfully on a daily basis. After many years of intensive physio and steroid injections this has made me think that I maybe should introduce yoga into my life. I have to do daily physio, concentrating on the hip area. This has made interesting reading for helping in my well being thank you x

  2. Mel says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write a comment Nicola.

    For me choosing Iyengar Yoga has proved to be a very interesting, fascinating and a healing experience. Getting to know myself on a deeper level, mind, body and spirit. Some important advice for you personally, is that I have practiced many other types of yoga, but now would only recommend Iyengar Yoga for beginners. This is because the teachers are very strict on body alignment. When the body is in the correct asana (pose) then the mind is not agitated, only then will you gain the benefits in your mind, body and spirit.

    Love and light
    Mel Johnson xx