What I have discovered about my favourite color pink!

Many people know that my favourite colour is pink, so recently when a lady told me she could see me aura and it was pink I became very interested in what she was telling me.


This conversation  got me thinking on a much deeper level about myself and why I love the colour pink. I wondered if liking pink shows in my personality and what spiritual meaning does pink represent. Finally what does having a pink aura indicate?


I think I love the colour pink because I feel it gives me confidence and shows of my personality truthfully. I know that if I wear darker colours, then I seem to feel more subdued and am not really myself. I So I was truly interested in finding out what the colour  pink represents .


So if pink is your favourite colour you, then you are said to be loving, kind, sensitive to others  and generous in spirit. You are friendly, approachable and people are drawn to your energy. You are a nurturer, you show love, give love and receive love.


Spiritually the colour pink represents compassion, caring, love and unconditional love. Emanating love and receiving love to people around them.


So pink aura people are by nature, loving and caring. They are naturally loving, loyal and faithful. Pink aura people are natural healers,sensitive to the needs of others and have  strong psychic abilities.


I don’t know about you, but I found all this information fascinating, unbelievably accurate as it really did seem to reflect my personality. So I think I now understand on a deeper lever, why I love the colour pink.


The brighter the pink the more happy and confident I feel!


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx


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