Why I think all young trainee hairdressers should be taught the importance of good posture!

Regular readers will already know, that I have an ambition, to remain healthy and happy which enables me to continue to create beautiful hair for my clients, behind the chair. I really feel positive about the fact that although, I invest a significant of time and effort into all of this, it is all helping me achieve my wishes. I am so proud that I will be 50 next year and am really blessed as I keep travelling on my incredible journey. I always try to learn something new every day, which again helps me stay focused and positive behind the chair.

One of the most important things I have learnt over the past 10 years,  is the importance of good posture when working behind the chair, I really wish that this had been part of my training all those years ago.


I now study Iyengar Yoga, which is the form of yoga which is about precise body alignment and is quite demanding.  Through yoga, I realised just how much hairdressing had affected my posture, which was a discovery made whilst I was travelling on my own incredible personal journey. I am so lucky to have  had the most amazing teachers, and if I had not studied with them,  I would never have been able to correct my posture, which then would have caused detrimental problems to my body and my work behind the chair.


I feel so incredibly fortunate that I have been taught so many different techniques, all of which have  helped me gain positive outcomes for my posture which could have caused me detrimental injuries in the future.


I now know how to supportt all my joints, to protect them from injuries. I know how to position myself in a correct posture which supports my lower and upper back. I feel strongly that it is only now that I am becoming aware of the posture I need to protect my hip joints. I can tell almost instantly when my neck and shoulders are in need of some TLC, in order for them to be in the correct alignment when working behind the chair.  


I strongly feel that if  I had been taught how important good posture needed to be when I was starting my career as a young trainee hairdresser, this would have been hugely beneficial. I would have then  passed this positive learning onto any younger professionals who need to look after their posture too. I am sure any hairdresser that reads this will themselves relate to this . Good posture is a strong positive in your career behind the chair, in being able to stay happy, healthy and importantly being creative.

It would be very interesting to know how many hairdressers have actually given up their profession, because of the detrimental effects that bad posture has caused.  I know of many individuals myself, on my 33 years behind the chair.


I do hope by writing this blog, that I can inspire hairdressers worldwide on the importance of staying happy, healthy, and creative whilst I work behind the chair.



I was told a great saying, by one of my yoga teachers in one of my classes”


you are as old as your spine



At the time, I thought what on earth were they talking about, but I know now that I am a 100% believer in this short statement and truly know that these  Words of wisdom are so important to hairdressers all over the world.

Love and light

Mel Johnson xx


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