It’s been a year since starting my blog, So what have I learnt during the last 12 months asks Mel Johnson?

I woke up this morning and thought to myself,  I am sure it must be about a year since I started writing my blog. So I looked back and yes October 20th was my first blog post – so yes almost 12 months.



What an incredible journey this has been for someone like me, I am currently laid on my bed reflecting back over the past year whilst I start to write this post.



I suppose I started my writing journey April 2017, when I decided to write a letter to John Paul Dejoria (co-founder of Paul Mitchell Systems), outlining how he inspired me in my hairdressing career. Sadly, to this day I have never received an acknowledgement of this long letter. But as a result of the actual process of composing and writing my complicated story, I decided to use a negative situation (not receiving a response), into a positive outcome and so decided to set up my blog.

I remember just before I posted my first blog, I excitedly told one of the hairdressing product salesman that I had decided to start a blog. His reaction was crushing…..


“what have you got to write about”?  He said quite dismissively…





Yet again, this was like being drowned in negativity, and once again the challenge was – would I  sink or swim? So as  I always turn a negative into a positive and I just thought


I will show you what I have to write about young man!




I have had a fantastic year writing on different topics. I think it has really helped me to express myself about how I feel. I must also admit that there have been many posts which although I have written, I have not shared with you all. (Because they were not really the right thing to publish).  But I really do feel that I needed to write about the issue and it the process has  helped me release something and somehow it was as if by writing the  blog post it was actually  a part of a healing  process for me personally. I do feel that over the last 12 months my writing has  helped me grow as a person and helped me understand myself on a much deeper level.



I really do feel a lot more confident in what I choose to write about,  I always write strongly from my heart and I hope my readers experience that. It is only now that I think I have started to recognise that I have actually had a very interesting life and career working behind the chair.



I will now carry on writing and sharing my knowledge and wisdom with you all. Always hoping that I gain a sense of giving back. I will carry on radiating my positivity and will think about the analogy of a butterfly, which means that the things I  once only felt inside are now able to fly high and free thanks to the words in my blog. Always hoping that they spread love and light throughout the world.


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx