As one door closes another door opens

Throughout the journey, which has been my career, there have been many changes. I have strongly felt negative and positive experiences at various times and in various situations.  I realise now that this has enabled me to grow and be the person I am today, but at the time I admit to often feeling crushed by negativity. These days,  I feel I have chosen to be a happy, healthy, individual which in turn, allows me to be able to create beautiful hair for my clients, behind the chair.


Being a hairdresser has taught me so much, I know that if people come into your life on your career journey they don’t always stay. However, I now accept that as long as you are giving 100% of your professional services to them, then you can do no more.  I then realised in my personal life, this was also very true, not everyone whether family, friends or clients, stay on your journey in life, they too come and go. Sometimes they come back to be a part of your journey, some do not. I am now able to accept this and believe positively that it is important that the positive door has to keep opening.


I also have learnt being involved in hairdressing over many years, that I need to be open to change, because change can be good for my work professionally and help me as an individual move forward in a positive way.



I think I have only now understood that the fears I had around change, simply compounded these feelings and my fears emphasised the old ways of dealing with change. I really do think this negativity comes from the idea of a blocked doorway.


As soon as I felt I was able to embrace change in a positive way,  this then meant I could clearly see that there could be positives in change. This understanding has helped me believe, that in both my work and personal life, I should accept change and relish the opportunities it can bring.



I do think that people often hold onto the past. My many teachers, have taught me that the past has gone and that in order to heal, I need to release any negative situation which I have experienced and that I am still holding onto.  By doing this I will learn from the experience and will hold onto the positive.


I now understand that you have to let people and experiences leave your life for the door to open, for the positive changes to happen. I feel strongly that by not removing the blocked doorway scenario, you cannot walk through it and onto the next positive element in your life. I do really think that this is often why people feel so stuck, lost, negative, fearful, not moving forward and not enjoying life in this very present moment. Individuals in this situation often  do not allow family, children, friends and even employees  to have the freedom to experience the new doors that are there to be opened.



So my journey in life has taught me to remove the clutter in the doorway, so then I can be free of everything that no longer serves my highest good. I then can walk through the door way excited for the journey ahead, to experience the learning, the new challenges, so many new experiences, the new interesting people I will meet and the people who come back into my life on my positive chosen path.







I find it truly amazing, when I reflect back on my career writing these blogs, just how many positive things being a hairdresser has taught me.


I will keep on sharing these things with you all and hopefully inspire some other hairdressers throughout the world too.



Love and light

Mel Johnson xx